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Knit Vs Woven Boxers: Differences And How To Choose

December 21, 2022
Knit Vs Woven Boxers: Differences And How To Choose

One of the most important things when choosing boxers is the type of fabric. While this may seem like a simple matter, there are several factors to consider when choosing knit or woven boxers. With this in mind, what’s the difference between knit and woven boxers?

Woven boxers are woven on a mechanical loom, whereas knit boxers are knit together. Typically, woven boxers hold their structure better than knit boxers, though knit boxers are generally more comfortable. The comfort of woven boxers heavily depends on the thread count.

There is, however, quite a lot more to it than that. 

So, let’s dig deeper. 

Knit Boxers Vs Woven Boxers: 3 Key Differences

There are significant differences between knit boxers and woven boxers and’s important to know what these are. Understanding the differences is crucial to being able to decide which boxers are best suited to your preferences.

Knit boxers vs woven boxers is a topic that isn’t addressed nearly as much as it ought to be, especially considering its importance. Having said this, let’s get started on the differences.

1. Production

Knit boxers and woven boxers are produced in entirely different ways, ranging from the methods used for production, to the materials used to make them.

Both types of boxers are generally true to the name regarding their production, therefore making it easy to distinguish between the two styles.

Put simply, woven boxers are made of any textile formed through weaving. Weaving is a process often done on a power loom. Woven fabrics are made using a warp and a weft. The weft and the warp refer to the direction the threads are woven.

The warp is the vertical threads on the loom, while the weft is the horizontal threads. The weft is threaded under and over the warp threads.

Woven boxers can be made with different thread counts, colors, and materials – including blends of different materials. Common materials used to make the fabric are cotton and polyester.

Here’s an example of a set of woven boxers on Amazon as an example: 

Knit boxers are, as the name suggests, produced through the process of knitting. This involves interlocking yarn together. Like weaving, knitting also uses the “weft” and “warp” terms. 

Weft knitting is a type of knitting where the loops run horizontally, whereas warp knitting is where the loops run vertically. 

Knitting machines are typically used to create knit boxers, due to the efficiency and consistency presented, however, they can be knitted manually, using two knitting needles.

Knit boxers are usually made with materials like cotton and polyester. Having said this, they can also be found in silk, elastane, rayon, and modal.

It’s worth noting that weaving is generally a more time-consuming manufacturing process than knitting. This means that woven boxers are often more expensive than knit boxers. 

An example of knit boxers on Amazon: 

2. Structure

Due to the different manufacturing processes of woven boxers and knit boxers, they each have very different features. One of the major trait differences is the structure of the boxers.

Woven boxers are very structurally secure, meaning that they will retain their shape for a long time. The downside to this, however, is that they aren’t nearly as stretchy and flexible as knit boxers; they are much more rigid.

Additionally, woven boxers are often more durable than knit boxers, and will maintain their condition and shape much longer. On top of this, woven boxers are often more rugged in terms of washing.

Unfortunately, however, woven boxers are more susceptible to creases and wrinkles. This is due to their structural stability and, to avoid such problems, it’s good practice to regularly iron woven boxers.

Knit boxers are on the other end of the spectrum altogether. They are stretchy and flexible in both width and length and will satisfy most shapes thrown at them. 

It’s worth mentioning that, as well as being durable, woven boxers are easy to sew. The ruggedness and repairability of woven boxers mean that they are the ideal choice for somebody solely searching for durability.

Unlike woven boxers, knit boxers are almost crease-proof and require little to no ironing to maintain their crispness. 

One downside of opting for knit boxers, however, is that they don’t have the same durability factor as woven boxers and are therefore much easier to damage.

Alongside being easy to damage, knit boxers are also relatively difficult to sew. The combination of these two factors means that if going for durability, woven boxers may be the better option, despite the higher price tag.

3. Comfort

The comfort of your boxers is arguably the most important factor and taking this into consideration is essential. There are many differences in both the look and feel of woven boxers compared to knit boxers, all of which affect comfort.

It’s essential to feel comfortable in your boxers and therefore understanding the differences between woven and knit boxers is a crucial part of any man’s style knowledge.

Sometimes, woven boxers can feel coarse or “scratchy” against your skin. This is a factor that is very much dependent on the thread count of the woven fabric. 

Thread count is a measurement that refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric feels. 

Knit boxers, on the other hand, are naturally soft to the touch. It’s worth noting that the texture of your knit boxers will vary depending on how tightly-knit they are. 

Tight-knit boxers will feel smooth whereas looser-knit boxers will have a bumpy or ridged feel. Regardless of how tightly-knit they are, however, the softness of the fabric will be maintained.

Another comfort factor that is important to consider is the flexibility and tightness of your boxers. 

The structure-maintaining ability of woven boxers can be uncomfortable for some because they don’t allow for much movement or flexibility. 

This is where knit boxers really shine. Their elasticity and ability to conform to different shapes and sizes mean that they are often much more accommodating and comfortable than woven boxers.

Knit Vs Woven Boxers: How To Choose

Consider all of these before choosing. 

1. Formality

Formality probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when considering whether to wear woven boxers or knit boxers, although, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Due to the structured nature of woven boxers, they are often the better choice for formal events. This is because the structure will keep the appearance of your pants smooth and will minimize wrinkling.

Knit boxers, on the other hand, are not the greatest choice for formal occasions. Their tendency to conform to shapes and change according to movement can create wrinkles and general inconsistency in your pants.

Additionally, woven boxers are flat and present no texture, meaning that your pants will also maintain this flat, smooth shape. Knit boxers can be smooth or textured, which is another reason they aren’t the optimal choice for formal attire.

The potential texture of knit boxers could display through your dress pants. This could look messy, informal, and could overall ruin the outfit.

Therefore, overall, the best option for a formal event is woven boxers, as they present the most consistency, structure, and smoothness.

2. Exercise

Deciding which boxers to wear for exercise can be a difficult choice, as both knit and woven boxers present their benefits.

Knit boxers provide a much more flexible and movement-oriented structure. As well as this, they are typically thicker than woven boxers. This means that they are a good choice for high-movement sports such as running.

Due to their extra thickness, they are also good for keeping warm when exercising in particularly cold weather. This does, however, mean that they are commonly heavier than woven boxers.

Additionally, the elasticity of knit boxers can mean that they are a snug fit, creating the potential for chafing.

On the other hand, woven boxers are often lighter and much more breathable than knit boxers. Their rigid structure, however, can mean that they could be stiff when participating in a high-movement activity.

To summarise, there is no real “best option” for knit or woven boxers when exercising; it’s entirely up to preference and comfort.


Despite the many difference between knit and woven boxers, the main factor in deciding the best types of boxers for you is comfort and personal preference.