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How To Remove Beard Dye From Skin – Damage Control

July 31, 2023
How To Remove Beard Dye From Skin – Damage Control

Beard dye is increasing in popularity. But as with hair dye, beard dye does tend to stain the skin. So, how do you remove beard dye from your skin?

Although no single technique would be appropriate for everyone, there are commercially available color removal wipes that could be considered. Overall, DIY methods should generally be avoided, other than simple cotton balls soaked in soapy water. Overall, the sooner you try to remove the stain, the better the chances you’ll be able to do so successfully. 

What I want to do in this article is talk through some of the options available to you in more detail. I’ve made a step-by-step routine you can follow. 

Afterward, I’ll talk through what you could do to try and prevent beard dye from getting onto your skin in the first place. This is a lot easier and much less stressful than trying to reverse the damage once it’s already been done. 

Disclaimer: This information is for general informational purposes and is not professional advice. It is general in nature and may not be suitable for everyone’s individual unique situation.

How To Remove Beard Dye From Your Skin 

As mentioned earlier, companies such as Colortrak do make dye removal products. They won’t be appropriate for everyone, however, and it’s important to seek professional advice if you have any concerns about whether they’d be right for you.

Let’s get to the step-by-step routine.

1. Choose your removal product

This is an important first step. There are several different options available to you, but in my opinion, going for a commercially available dye removal agent would be better than trying a DIY method.

2. Perform a home “patch test” the day before

There is a small but important risk that you may be intolerant or allergic to the product you’ve chosen. 

A patch test is essential – the specific product you’re applying should have its own instructions for performing a proper patch test.

Here’s the general framework for a patch test – it may not be suitable for the specific product you’re using.

Apply a small amount of the product to your elbow or thigh (or a different, easy to hide part of your skin) the day before. 

Review the area in at least 24 hours. If you notice any surrounding irritation around the area, don’t use the product again. Chances are, you don’t get on with it. 

Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any concerns prior to application.

3. Soak a cotton ball in your removal product

If you aren’t using a dye removal agent such as Colotrak, consider a cotton ball soaked in a simple, gentle soap.

Nothing too abrasive. Facial skin, in particular, is sensitive and needs to be treated with care. 

Once you’ve chosen your removal product and you’re sure you aren’t allergic to it, prepare your cotton balls. I’d prepare two or three to be ultra-efficient. 

I like to prepare these cotton balls even before I dye the beard. This way, if there is any leakage or spillage onto the skin, I’m able to mop them up quickly before the stain sets in.

4. Apply the removal product onto the beard dye stain

Gently rub the dye removal agent over the skin stain. Be sure to apply it evenly, and then let it sit. 

The amount of time you leave the product sitting on the stain is variable. If you’re using a commercially available product designed for the job, follow its specific instructions.

5. Rinse it off with lukewarm water

Once you’ve allowed enough time, rinse the product off of your skin with lukewarm water. As always, lukewarm water is better than hot or even warm water. 

If you want, you can soak another cotton ball in lukewarm water to help remove the product from your skin. 

How To Dye Your Beard Without Staining Your Skin

This is a lot simpler than trying to undo the damage once it’s already been done. 

Beard dye staining the skin on your hands is a common problem. The simplest and most practical solution is to wear a pair of disposable gloves while you’re applying your beard dye. 

It’s also important to ensure you’re prepared for staining as you’re applying the beard dye. As I mentioned above, the sooner you wipe it up, the easier it is to remove it. 

So have those cotton balls ready as you’re applying the beard dye. Soak them in regular soap and water – at this stage, this is most likely all that will be necessary. 

If you notice any staining whatsoever, grab one of those cotton balls and wipe it up immediately. Don’t wait until you’ve finished dyeing – it’s a time-critical process.

Are All Beard Dyes Just As Hard To Remove?

Semi-permanent beard dyes are, as you’d expect, easier to remove than permanent beard dyes. 

Beard dyeing beginners should usually start by using temporary or semi-permanent options. Once they’re more confident with their technique, as well as with the color they’ve chosen, they can go for permanent options if they wish to.

Removing beard dye from a beard can be done, but it isn’t exactly easy.

Certain colors are also notoriously difficult to remove. For example, red and orange are especially stubborn.


Although the results can be good, the application technique isn’t exactly simple. There are pitfalls, and it can get messy. 

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of how to tackle one particular aspect of this messiness.