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Chest Hair And V-Necks: A Crucial Guide To Make It Work

May 2, 2023
Chest Hair And V-Necks: A Crucial Guide To Make It Work

V-neck T-shirts have tempted many a fashion-conscious man strolling through a department store. They’re comfortable, stylish, and usually pretty inexpensive. However, can you have chest hair and wear a V-neck?

It can definitely work, but it might not please everyone. These days, grooming chest hair is considered by some to be just as important as getting regular haircuts. So, if you’re looking to rock a V-neck with chest hair and get more than just a lukewarm response, it’s important to get it right. Keeping it well-groomed is your safest bet. If done well, it can actually complement a V-neck very nicely. 

That’s the answer in a nutshell, but let’s get a little deeper. I wanted to talk about the look and how people perceive it.

Then, I’ll give you some tips on how to pull it off in the best, most sophisticated way possible. 

Are V-Necks Attractive With Chest Hair?

Yes, but only if it’s well-groomed. Let me explain. 

A few decades ago, chest hair would’ve been free to flow out from under a V-neck and draw nothing but praise. These days, reactions are less predictable

It’s arguably one of the most divisive topics in men’s grooming today. Is chest hair attractive, or is it not? A poll of a large cohort of women would likely give you a pretty even split. 

You may have noticed this among your friends and family. Some people may love it, and some may hate it. Attitudes toward hairy-chested men that wear V-necks are no different. Very divisive indeed. 

As usual, the middle ground offers you the best chance of success. You’re likely to turn a lot of people off with giant tufts of chest hair spilling out above your T-shirt.

But if you had a subtle few strands peeking out, it can actually look very masculine indeed. 

Well-groomed chest hair is always your safest bet. 

Going au naturale is unlikely to impress people by modern standards. Untidy and unkempt chest hair is seen as unattractive for more than one reason. 

For one, it just suggests an old, dated sense of style. Yes, long locks of chest hair were all the rage in the 1970s.

But those days are over. It’s the age of the modern manscaper now – a poor understanding of this suggests a poor understanding of fashion in general. 

Rightly or wrongly, untidy hair also suggests poor hygiene. Of course, this isn’t always the case. But bushy, poorly-groomed hair often begs the question of people – is it washed?

Poorly-groomed chest hair under a V-neck can also be very distracting. The eyes are immediately drawn towards the chest hair no matter how stylish the V-neck might be. Chest hair should be used to compliment a V-neck instead of distracting from it. 

It can also just look uncomfortable. To an outside observer, having long, messy chest hair trapped under a V-neck just looks like it should itch and cause discomfort.

Even if it doesn’t, it can definitely look that way. 

Finally, a man with untidy chest hair just suggests an overall lack of interest in appearance. While this laid-back approach may be attractive to some, most people would think otherwise. 

So, yes chest hair can look attractive peeking out through a V-neck. It can add a very nice touch indeed. But it needs to be well-groomed in order to work. 

Let’s talk through some tips on how to make this look work. 

6 Tips On How To Wear A V-Neck With Chest Hair

These are all quite different. Some are to do with the chest hair itself, and others aren’t. Not all of them may work for you. But try a few of them out and see where it gets you. 

1. Trim down to between 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch

Trimming down to within this length range is usually going to produce a tidy result. It’ll also be a very manageable length range that’s comfortable to wear. 

How you do it would be up to you. Using an electric trimmer or pair of clippers would be a lot easier and more accurate than using scissors.

Scissors would give you a more natural-looking result if done correctly but gives you little control over length. 

This length would look perfectly fine under a V-neck. Neat, yet masculine. Bear in mind that the closer to 1/4-inch you get, the more it might look like chest stubble.

It’ll look neater, but potentially less natural than keeping it closer to 1/2-inch. 

You may also notice it starting to stick through your T-shirt if it gets too short. 

My advice would be to first trim down to 1/2-inch, and then trim down to a 1/4-inch in increments if you feel you need it shorter. That way, you’ll be able to settle on a length that suits you instead of culling it all at once. 

2. Avoid deep V-neck T-shirts

They’re pretty popular, but very hard to pull off. The reason for this is that they just expose so much of the chest. 

When it comes to chest hair, subtlety is the name of the game at the moment. Having a small amount of well-groomed hair peeking out from under a V-neck can be a nice touch. 

But a deep V-neck simply reveals too much of the chest and the layer of hair on top of it. It isn’t subtle enough to be considered attractive, no matter how well-groomed it might be. 

The best course of action would be to avoid them at all costs. Stick to regular V-necks that maintain a little mystery instead of revealing it all. 

3. Avoid shaving – stubble is not your friend

It may seem like the simplest solution – a quick and cheap way to prepare your chest for that V-neck you’re desperate to wear tonight. 

I’ve written articles comparing trimming to shaving and waxing to shaving before. Shaving loses in almost every domain when it comes to chest hair. 

It’s so hard to make a shaved chest look and feel good. Chest stubble appears within a couple of days and feels instantly itchy and uncomfortable. 

But the main problem is that it never looks attractive. When chest stubble starts to sprout, it’s obvious to other people that you’ve shaved it.

These tiny little hairs tell the whole story when you’re wearing a V-neck. 

Chest stubble will never look good with a V-neck. 

When they start to poke out through the shirt itself, you may find yourself wishing you chose a different method of hair removal. 

Shaving is also very irritating to the skin. Chest skin can be quite sensitive, and so you may also have to deal with redness and flaking on top of it all. 

Chest stubble should be avoided at all cost

4. Waxing is better than shaving

Here’s the full article on waxing versus shaving chest hair. But to summarize, if you were really looking to get rid of it all in preparation for a V-neck, choose waxing. 

Waxing actually removes the hair at the root-level. Shaving simply cuts the hair above the skin. Because of this, waxing always produces a much smoother and longer-lasting result. 

I’d recommend getting it done by a professional for your first few sessions. Afterward, you can start waxing at home to cut down on costs and become more independent. 

It won’t look as natural as trimming, but it’ll look very slick and smooth. If you’ve got some muscle tone, this can be a great look under a V-neck. 

5. Avoid grooming the “V” alone

It’s so tempting. Your chest hair has been left to wildly roam for several months but you’ve got a brand new V-neck you want to wear tonight. 

Unfortunately, a common scenario is trimming or shaving the “V” portion of the chest alone and leaving the rest of it unchecked. In an effort to save time, you’ve just committed a cardinal sin. 

Not only will it look pretty unusual without your T-shirt, it also flies in the face of good grooming principles. 

Chest hair needs to be trained to grow the way you want it to over time. That’s why you trim down to the same length before you wax it, for example.

Trimming or shaving bits here and there will always lead to patchy and random growth in the long-term. 

So, if you groom your chest, try and do it properly each time. Shortcuts will always do more harm than good. 

6. Don’t forget skincare

When wearing a V-neck, it’s not just the chest hair that’s on show. It’s the skin underneath it as well. 

Trimming, shaving, waxing – it’s all pretty rough on the skin. As hard as you may work to groom your chest, having irritated skin underneath will not look good.

Even if you weren’t to groom your chest at all, having dry or flaky skin will look pretty bad under a V-neck. 

So, moisturize your chest regularly and thoroughly. It will reduce irritation, flaking, and will enhance the overall look. Skincare is such a crucial component of body hair grooming. It’s never a good idea to neglect it. 

Is Chest Hair Under A V-Neck Professional? 

This might sound strange, but it’s a question that’s often asked.

It makes sense because there are plenty of industries where a button neck T-shirt is a uniform. For example, maybe in retail, the food and drink industry, and so on. 

If the uniform you’re required to wear at work happens to reveal some of your chest hair, you may ask yourself whether this is acceptable

My answer will always remain the same – it depends on how it is groomed. Poorly-groomed, untidy chest hair peeking out of your uniform is unlikely to look professional. 

It probably won’t get you into any serious trouble, but it may not give off the best impression. Of course, I can’t speak for every workplace. But in general, the safest bet would be to groom it

Trim it down. It’ll probably feel more comfortable and less distracting as well. 


Having chest hair should never be a barrier to wearing V-necks. It should never prevent you from doing anything. The reason for this is that it’s so simple to change as per your wishes. 

A lot of it is to do with your personal preferences. You may not like the look of chest hair, or you may not like how it feels. It’s just important to know what options are available to you.

Men’s body hair grooming is a huge industry – if there’s something you want to achieve, it’s quite likely there’s a tool or product to achieve it with. 

Try, test, and have fun with it.