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7 Tips For Men Who Can’t Grow A Beard On Their Chin

May 26, 2022 · Dilshan
7 Tips For Men Who Can’t Grow A Beard On Their Chin

It’s a pretty common problem and source of frustration for many aspiring beardsmen. They spend a huge number of hours looking for a quick fix but generally don’t have much luck. So, why do some beards not grow on the chin? 

Some men struggle to grow beards on their chin; genetics is an important reason. But in general, the cause will remain unknown for most men. 

Remember, this isn’t health advice. If you’ve got a general lack of hair growth, definitely see a professional. 

But if you’re looking for general style tips to help you get through what may just be an awkward phase of beard growth, read on. 

You’re about to learn 7 of these glorious tips. Let’s get to it. 

7 Tips For Men Who Can’t Grow A Beard On Their Chin

Not all of these may be relevant to you. But there’s a very good chance that at least a couple of them will be. 

1. Stop Looking For A Quick Growth Fix

There’s a huge number of beard growth tips and tricks online already. A lot of them feature information like the following: 

“Try castor oil” 

“Eat well, sleep well, exercise”. 

A lot of this stuff is going to be great for you in general, or at least unlikely to do any harm. 

But it’s important not to pin your hopes on this sort of stuff when it comes to beard growth. You’re unlikely to suddenly start growing hair in the middle of your chin simply because you started sleeping an hour extra each day. 

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good for you, but will probably lead to disappointment when it comes to chin growth. 

To sum that all up, don’t look for a quick fix. 

The rest of the tips in this article focus on working with the growth you do have to come up with the best result. 

2. Grow It Longer

Here’s a potentially easy fix that may work for some. 

Certain parts of the beard may lag behind other parts when it comes to growth. This could be a reason for patchy growth on the chin. 

The problem is that a lot of men prematurely trim their beard down before giving these slower parts a chance to catch up. 

So, try growing the beard out a few weeks (or more) longer than you may be used to. You may well find at least certain parts of your chin will start to sprout some hairs. 

If it doesn’t, you may still find that the growth on either side of the chin becomes long enough to cover some of it up. It could make the absence of chin growth look less obvious. 

It’s up to you how long you want to go with it. You may find that 1-inch is your limit, or maybe it’s 2 inches

You may find that as your beard grows longer, your lack of chin growth just looks more obvious and not less – there’s really no way of knowing until you try it. But if you find that this is the case, try the next tip as an alternative. 

3. Try Stubble Instead

This may sound confusing seeing as you were literally just advised to try the opposite, but hear me out. 

Lack of growth in certain parts of the beard often looks less obvious when the hair is trimmed down very short. 

The reason for this is that there’s just less of a difference between the bare patch on the chin and the hair everywhere else. 

It’s particularly true when your hair color isn’t that much darker or lighter than your skin color. 

So, if you haven’t had much luck filling it out by growing the whole beard longer, go the opposite route. 

Trim it down to stubble. Stubble is attractive, easy to maintain, and versatile. It’s rarely considered unprofessional.

The shorter the stubble, the better the effect. However, even if you trimmed it down to heavy stubble (i.e around 4-5mm), you still may notice an improvement. 

The stubble may not be that short, but the hair will be trimmed down to a very even level. This in itself can make bare patches look less obvious. 

4. Consider The Mutton Chops 

The Mutton Chops may not be the preferred style for a lot of men, but it does compensate for not being able to grow a beard on the chin. 

It essentially just looks like very extended sideburns that may or may not be connected to a mustache. 

It works and there’s no hair on the chin. 

The style isn’t modern, but it’s more popular than you may think. It has a very eye-catching and attention-grabbing appearance, harking but to a very classical period of beard history. 

It won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely one to consider. 

5. Love The Mustache

The problem with not having much beard growth on the chin is that there aren’t many styles that can compensate for it. 

We’ve talked about the Mutton Chops beard, but in general, having hair on the chin (i.e the goatee area) is an important aspect of many different beard styles. 

Having hair on the cheeks and mustache area but not on the chin is tricky because there aren’t many modern styles that work with this distribution.  

The simplest and easiest solution – in fact, the only solution that is guaranteed to work – would be to go for a mustache instead. 

This is the perfect style choice for a man having trouble with chin growth because it doesn’t require any hair on the chin. 

Mustachioed men would simply shave their chin hair off in any case. 

There’s so much you can do with a mustache you’d completely forget about lack of growth elsewhere in any case. 

From Handlebars to Chevrons, the style choices are seemingly endless. The mustache community is just as thriving as the beard community, with its own set of tips, tricks, rules, and tools. 

As long as it’s trimmed properly, combed properly and tamed, it’ll look great. 

An interesting option would be the Horseshoe mustache. The edges of the mustache extend literally as far down as the jawline before ending. 

horseshoe mustache
From 123rf

It probably will just exclude the hair in the middle of your chin – a perfect example of working with the facial hair distribution you’ve got instead of trying to come up with a magical solution. 

6. Give It Time

Note that this is different to growing the hair longer as I suggested in tip number 2. 

What I mean is just growing older. Tips don’t get much easier than this. 

It’s particularly relevant to younger guys. Facial hair can sometimes take longer than you might think to really get into its stride. 

You may find that a patchy hair distribution starts to fill itself out on its own as you get older. 

Beard growth can mature at different rates for men, so it’s important not to judge prematurely. 

Try and be patient, focus on the other tips on this list, and just give it time. You may well be pleasantly surprised and you wouldn’t have had to go chasing any quick fixes in the meantime. 

7. Try Dyeing Thin Hair 

The final tip is for men with particularly thin growth on their chin as opposed to absent growth. 

Darkening the facial hair is a great way to make it look thicker and more even. Here’s an article on dyeing your beard black for some more specific instructions. 

There are so many beard dyes on the market at the moment ranging from natural to artificial, and from temporary to permanent. 

It’s worth trying out a temporary one to see if makes the chin hair look more prominent. Again, it may not work for everyone. 

But for some, it may be worth a shot. 


Beard growth can be a frustrating journey for many. It’s riddled with awkward phases that lead a lot of men to give up prematurely. 

Developing patience is easier said than done. But in the end, it’s often worth the struggle. 

Hopefully, the tips in this article will help some of you push past this particularly annoying problem. 

Try not to focus too much on it, however. Enjoy the process.