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Can You Wear A Tuxedo Without A Bow Tie? [Solved]

December 21, 2022
Can You Wear A Tuxedo Without A Bow Tie? [Solved]

When it comes to formal attire, it can be a bit of a minefield navigating the do’s and don’ts of how to put together your outfit. One question that is frequently asked is, can you wear a tuxedo without a bow tie?

At most formal events, you should not wear a tuxedo without a bow tie. This is because it looks too informal and the bow tie is usually seen as integral to a black-tie outfit. Tuxedo shirt collars can also look awkward when worn without a bow tie due to their shape. 

Although that’s the answer in brief, let’s delve a little deeper into explaining why this is.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Tuxedo Without A Tie

So now you know that wearing a tuxedo without a tie is best avoided. But why exactly is this?

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Here we will go through the main reasons why you shouldn’t wear a tuxedo without a tie. 

1. The Outfit Will Look Unbalanced

When assembling a black tie outfit, each clothing item has its own role in contributing to the final outfit.

Therefore, by missing a key item you can cause the finished result to look out of balance. 

This is the case with tuxedos and ties; due to the decorative bib, studs and cufflinks that often adorn a black tie outfit, leaving the neck area free of a tie risks looking odd and like something is missing.

Even the satin lapels of a tuxedo jacket serve to frame the neck area in order to best show off a nice bow tie.

If you are wearing a cummerband as part of your tuxedo outfit, then it is even more important that you don’t forget a bow tie. 

A cummerband is a decorative waist sash that sits above the belt line, and without a bow tie to balance out the look, your tuxedo will simply look bottom heavy.

As you can see, the tuxedo has been designed with the presence of a tie in mind. Therefore wearing a tuxedo without a tie merely results in an incomplete outfit.

2. It Looks Too Informal

Tuxedos are typically only worn to formal events, such as weddings or black-tie evening parties.

It naturally follows, then, that you want to look formal when wearing a tuxedo. 

This is one of the main reasons that you shouldn’t wear a tuxedo without a tie – it simply looks too informal.

Wearing a suit without a tie may be acceptable for more casual settings, for example where a business-casual dress code is expected.

However, with black-tie formal events, it is generally expected that you wear a full tuxedo including a black tie, usually a bow tie. 

Anything less than this simply looks too casual for a formal event such as this and should be avoided.

3. It Doesn’t Look Right With A Tuxedo Shirt  

When wearing a tuxedo, you should usually opt for a tuxedo shirt as opposed to a regular dress shirt.

This is because the tuxedo shirt has certain features that complete a black-tie outfit that a regular dress shirt does not have, such as studholes, a bib, and different cuff and collar styles.

One of the reasons you should not wear a tuxedo without a tie is because of these features of the tuxedo shirt; they are designed to be worn with a tie.

For example, the wingtip collar is a specific type of collar that a tuxedo shirt can have, and it is designed for wearing with a bow tie. 

With the wingtip collar, the collar is not fully folded over on itself, meaning that the band of a bow tie is on display.

The ‘wings’ of the collar at the front are smaller than on standard shirts, and these neatly tuck behind a bow tie while simultaneously propping it up, so that the bow tie sits at just the right angle at the neck line.

If worn without a bow tie, this type of tuxedo shirt will look odd due to the unique collar style being fully on display when normally it would be mostly hidden behind a tie. 

It’s therefore best to avoid wearing a wingtip collar tuxedo shirt without a bow tie.

Another feature of tuxedo shirts which are designed to be worn with bow ties, is the bib.

The bib of a tuxedo shirt is an extra section of material that can be pleated, ruffled or plain, which shows through the lapels of a tuxedo jacket. 

The purpose of the bib is to add extra decorative detail to the shirt that will be on display when worn with a tuxedo, in between the tuxedo lapels.

The bib acts almost as a runway of fabric leading to the bow tie at the top. Wearing a tuxedo shirt with a bib therefore looks incomplete without the presence of a bow tie, and again is best avoided.

4. Studs Pair Well With A bow tie 

One last reason why you shouldn’t wear a tuxedo without a tie is to do with button studs.

Button studs are worn in stud holes that decorate the placket of a tuxedo shirt. Studs are more formal than having buttons that are on show, hence they are more suitable for wearing with a tuxedo.

Studs are also more eye-catching than regular buttons, as they are often worn in a dark color, typically black, that contrasts with the white tuxedo shirt and matches with the color of the tuxedo.

As they stand out visually, studs act as a runway towards the collar of a tuxedo shirt, leading nicely into the centerpiece of the shirt; the bow tie.

Hence, wearing studs without a bow tie at the top of a tuxedo shirt again causes the outfit to look incomplete and unbalanced. 

This adds to the list of reasons why you shouldn’t wear a tuxedo without a bow tie. 

Are There Any Exceptions?

The only situation where wearing a tuxedo without a tie may be acceptable is at an event where purposely going against the standard dress code is expected. These are usually very informal events, such as costume parties.

For all formal or black-tie events, you should always wear a tuxedo with an accompanying tie, usually a bow tie, as this article explains.

If you are attending an event where wearing an outfit that purposely defies the usual formal dress code would be acceptable, you may get away with wearing a tuxedo without a tie. 

For instance, wearing a tuxedo without a tie may be acceptable for a costume party, where general rules of dress are much more relaxed.

However, even for business-casual events or casual weddings, if you want to forgo a tie it is best to stick to more casual suits or sport coats instead of wearing a tuxedo without a tie.

This is because a tuxedo is one of the most formal types of menswear that can be worn, so wearing it without a tie is too casual and looks inappropriate.


So there you have it; if you’re considering wearing a tuxedo without a tie to a formal event, think again.

As with every formal event, it’s best to stick with the dress code as much as possible as this conformity will usually be expected.

But don’t despair – there will always come along more casual events where it will be appropriate to leave that tie at home.