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Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: What’s The Difference?

July 31, 2023

If you’ve got a beard or you’re thinking of growing one, chances are you’ve heard of beard oil and beard butter. With so many products on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to tell which one you should use.

Many people initially believe that beard oil and beard butter are the same. But they are, in fact, very different products with different uses. So, what’s the difference between beard oil vs beard butter?

Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter: Which Is Better For You? 

Ultimately, the product you choose depends on your personal preferences and the kind of beard you have.

Although these products share some similarities, they are overall very different and have different purposes. 

What is Beard Oil?

Usually made from a mix of essential oils and carrier oils, beard oil can add a gentle, subtle sheen to facial hair.

It’s often best to apply it just before brushing, as the fine boar bristles effectively distribute the oil throughout the beard and prevent it from accumulating.

How will beard oil make your beard look? 

Beard oil coats each hair in a slight shine, generally making your beard appear a little fuller.

The oils themselves create a subtle sheen that will help your beard look more polished and put together. 

What level of hold should I expect? 

Although beard oil will make your hair more manageable, it will not hold your style. Beard oil has no level of hold. So, if you want a product to hold your beard or mustache in a specific style, beard oil won’t do the job. 

Applying beard oil can be a useful step in your grooming routine, but you might have to supplement it with another product if you want some hold.

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What is Beard Butter? 

Beard butter often has a lotion-esque consistency.

It often contains natural butters such as Shea or Cocoa butter. It has a creamy consistency and emulsifies beautifully when rubbed between the hands. 

Beard butter is often described as “the best of both worlds”, as it lies somewhere in the middle between beard oil and wax.

It’s thicker than beard oil, with a texture similar to whipped butter.

It’s simple, comfortable to use, and very effective. 

What’s the main benefit of beard butter?

Beard butter has a light to medium hold. This is great for taming any flyaways, while still maintaining a fairly natural look. It has more hold than beard oil, but less hold than beard wax.

The butter then holds these hairs in place, ensuring your beard is shaped and styled to perfection. 

If you have a particular style in mind, you’re probably not going to achieve it with beard oil alone. Butter is excellent for those with a longer or more complex beard.

Those with mustaches that need taming will also benefit significantly from the styling capabilities of butter. 

As I said, it lies very nicely in the middle. It provides a level of hold while still feeling light and comfortable to use.

How will beard butter make my beard look? 

If you’re not a fan of the shine from beard oil, beard butter may be for you. It creates a more subtle look.

With more of a matte finish, it’s less attention-grabbing than a look that beard wax would achieve. For many men, that could be perfect. 


These two products are different animals. Which one you choose depends on the length, texture, and style of your beard.

They both have their place in the ever-expanding world of beard grooming products. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what each product can do for you.