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5 Pompadour Styles For Thin And Fine Hair [2023]

August 5, 2023

Let’s face it. Thin hair doesn’t always give you a heap of options when it comes to styling. But pompadours definitely aren’t out of reach. I’m about to teach you everything you need to know. 

Some men are born with it, while others witness their thick locks thin out as they mature in age. 

Knowing how to work thin and fine hair is an art in itself. There are certain styles that lend themselves well to it, while others are a little more tricky. 

Pompadours aren’t exactly simple to achieve, unfortunately. To a certain extent, they do require hair staying upright and supporting itself. 

It can be difficult to do this with thin hair. 

But with the right style variation, the right technique, and the right products, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t find one that works for you. 

That’s the main objective of this article. Let’s get to it. 

5 Awesome Pompadours For Thin And Fine Hair

1. Wavy Pompadour Fade

From Shutterstock

That layered, wavy appearance is pretty easy to achieve with thin hair. If you’re a fan of it, you’re definitely in luck. 

It’s best achieved using either your fingers or a comb with relatively wide teeth. 

It’s an “fade” style because the top is left long, while the sides and back are tapered down.

This stark contrast in length is what defines the fade. When the hair on top is styled into a pompadour, as you’d expect, it’s called a “pompadour fade”. 

It’s a great option for men with thin hair, particularly those with receding hairlines because it can make them look less noticeable. 

2. Tall And Tidy Pompadour

From Shutterstock

This one’s most likely been combed or round-brushed to the side, as opposed to styled using the fingers. 

The neat and tidy shape is characteristic of a classic pompadour. It’s pristine, it’s glossy, it’s meticulous. 

The sides and back are left natural, unlike more modern pompadour variations such as undercuts. 

This style is better suited to men looking for a more sophisticated cut that harks back to a classic era. 

Having said that, the tapered sides are an interesting touch here.

The stubble is a great way to add a layer of masculinity and ruggedness to a traditionally pristine style. 

3. Skin Fade Pompadour With Line Design

Line design on a classic pompadour
From Shutterstock

Skin fades are immensely popular right now. In fact, so popular that it’s hard to see an end to this trend. 

It refers to a style where the fade goes down to the level of the skin. Essentially, shaved. 

They’re a great way to make practically any style more interesting. 

High fades are particularly useful for a lot of men with thin or fine hair because they often make receding hairlines look less noticeable. 

They’ve been incorporated into pompadours in very effective ways indeed. 

This pompadour is as tidy and shapely as it gets. The skin fade could be labeled a “mid-fade” because it starts in between the top of the ear and the temple. 

But how can we not mention that line design? 

They may not be for everyone and they’re most likely better suited to the younger generation. 

However, if you were looking for a way to make a modern pompadour really stand out from the crowd, a line design such as this would be a great way to do it. 

4. Combed Back Pompadour And Stubble

From Shutterstock

Slicking back the pompadour won’t always be easy for men with thin hair. You may find that it refuses to stay in place. 

Slicking it to the side may be easier. 

However, using styling products such as matte clay, or a pomade with a strong level of hold should allow you to get it done. 

You should be able to produce a layered, slicked-back appearance through the use of a comb and a good-quality blow-dryer. 

Keeping the sides and back short is often a good option for men with finer hair as well. You don’t even necessarily need to go as far as trimming an undercut. 

You just want some difference in length between the top and the back/sides. Having the top significantly longer will give it more volume, making it look thicker and fuller in comparison. 

5. Slicked Pompadour Undercut

From DepositPhotos

Once again, slicking the hair is a good option for men with finer hair. 

It stays in place, it behaves, it doesn’t disappoint. This looks great. 

It’s either been brushed or combed to the side, while the sides have been clipped very, very short. 

The style is an undercut as opposed to a fade, although in this case it could easily be confused. But as you can see, the entire side has been clipped short as any undercut would be. 

The pompadour majestically swoops over to the back. 

Figuring out which direction you want your pompadour to end up is part of the fun. Experiment with it. 

You may find that slicking it straight back is too difficult. You may also find that combing it to one particular side doesn’t feel right or looks a little unnatural. 

Try stuff out and find one you’re a fan of. 

Summary Of Pompadour Tips For Men With Thin Hair

  • For men with thinner hair, pompadours brushed or combed to the side are often a better option than slicked straight back. It’ll be easier for it to support itself. 
  • Make full use of available volumizing products. Use a pre-styling mousse, sea salt spray, and even volumizing powder if you wish to. 
  • Matte clay is often a better option than “wetter” looking styling gels because they prevent the hair from clumping together and looking thinner. 
  • Clean, washed hair will always look thicker and fuller than greasy, oily hair. So definitely wash that hair before styling that pompadour!


Always know that you’ve got options, no matter how thick or thin your hair may be. 

Experiment regularly with these styles and find one that works for you.