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Man Buns And Glasses: What You Need To Know (With Pics)

August 1, 2023
Man Buns And Glasses: What You Need To Know (With Pics)

Man buns do have a certain “vibe”. A pair of glasses definitely contributes to this “vibe”. It’s important to know exactly how to take advantage of this in the most effective ways possible. 

It’s a style combination that’s easy to pull off and make work. It carries with it a certain intellectual vibe; it’s appealing and that’s hard to deny. 

Plus, glasses just carry so many stylistic benefits it’s crazy. From framing the face to adding balance, they can be the perfect way to compliment a man bun. 

I’m going to delve into these benefits a little deeper. But first, it’s worth getting to grips with exactly what this style looks like. 

Use this as a guide to influence your style decisions and a nice little source of inspiration. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Does A Man Bun Look Like With Glasses? 

As you can see, it’s a sophisticated look that would definitely have a wide appeal. When you’ve selected the right pair of glasses, it doesn’t matter what style you’ve chosen to wear that man bun in. 

Whether it’s “neat” or “messy”, the combination will just work. 

As always, however, it’s important that the hair is groomed and maintained properly. 

blonde man bun shaved sides

It may not even matter how perfectly the knot is tied. Unclean and never-brushed hair won’t ever look impressive. 

The man bun will be easier to tie and will be more likely to stay in place. 

To sum this up, as you can see from the picture above, well-groomed hair styled into an effective man bun can look mighty impressive with a pair of glasses. 

3 Benefits Of Wearing Glasses With Man Buns

Knowing what it can do for you is worth understanding. If you’re a long-haired man and are on the fence about whether you should try it out or not, this should swing it for you. 

1. It Oozes An Intellectual Aesthetic

There’s just something about the man bun and glasses look that just screams intellect. 

Sure, it’s daring, bold, and pretty uncommon. 

But it’s this “outsider” vibe that really gives it a sense of rawness and magnetism. 

The whole “glasses and clever people” stereotype is dated and tiresome. Of course, it doesn’t have any real value. 

But it’s hard to deny that when it comes to style and fashion, adding a pair of glasses is an easy way to supplement any look with a touch of intellect.

Combining it with a man bun may be a little too “hipster-ish” for some people’s taste. 

That’s fine. 

But this stereotype is also pretty dated and untrue. 

Try it out and see for yourself. 

2. Glasses Frame The Face

Man buns are a lot more versatile than you might initially have thought. There’s plenty you could do with them, with many variations of them possible. 

But one of the downsides of tying one would be you lose the benefit of being able to use your long hair to frame the face. 

Once your hair is pulled back and tied into a man bun you may notice that your face itself actually looks a little different. 

Without long locks of hair framing the face on either side, you may feel a little more “exposed” than you used to. In addition, your ears will be more on-show. 

It’s all about adding some structure and contouring where you can, framing the face where possible. 

Glasses are great for this. They split the face into several sections and the side arms add some structure to the sides of the face.

The subtle difference this makes is actually a very simple solution to the problem. 

3. Glasses Add Balance 

Another downside of tying a man bun is that it exaggerates the shape of the face. 

Let me explain. 

When you pull back and tie your hair into a man bun, you’ll notice that the existing shape of your face is more obvious than before. 

It’s because the hair on the top and sides is tighter against your scalp. You aren’t able to brush, comb, slick, or quiff it into your desired position. 

This has the effect of making round faces look rounder and long faces look longer. It’s completely normal and not something to get too worked up about. 

But there are ways to counteract this issue. 

One of them is to pop on a pair of glasses. What glasses can do is add balance and contrast to the face so that the shape is less pronounced and obvious. 

It’s an interesting effect that glasses are well known for. 

However, glasses come in so many different shapes and sizes and they do need to be selected carefully for this to work. 

Let’s use an actual example. 

If a man finds that pulling his hair back and tying a man bun makes his face look rounder than it did before, a pair of glasses could help. 

The key here is to wear a pair of glasses that contrasts the shape of the face. In this instance, he’d want narrow frames with sharp angles. 

The angles and lines will contrast the general curvature and roundness of the face. 

Let’s use a different example. 

There are certain face shapes that are considered “longer”. Rectangular, oblong, and diamond are the first that come to mind. 

In these examples, you’ve got more length and sharper angles, particularly at the jawline and chin. 

Men who fall into this category may find that this shape is exaggerated when they tie their man bun. 

Their best option would be to choose a pair of glasses with rounder and more curved frames. 

This contrast is what will add balance. It’s a simple yet crucial way to select the perfect pair of glasses. 

Color can also be used to add balance. 

Choosing the right color for your frames is quite involved. It includes assessing the hues of your skin tone (warm vs cold) and selecting a color that compliments it. 

This is something the staff at the store you buy them from should be able to help you with. 

But when we’re talking about man buns, one feature you could look into would be matching your hair tie to your glasses frames. 

These little nuances do make a difference. 

The Man Bun With A Beard And Glasses Look

Wearing a man bun with both a beard and a pair of glasses is a look that can work, but needs to be put together with care. 

Any style where you’ve got both a beard and a pair of glasses is one where you’re covering up a large proportion of your face. 

This can work because much like a pair of glasses, a beard can be used to add contouring and structure to the face. 

Man Buns And Glasses

But as always, the beard needs to be well-defined, with carefully sculpted borders (neckline and cheek line) and trimmed where necessary. 

Keeping it neat will ensure it looks intentional, while also ensuring that the addition of a pair of glasses doesn’t occupy a disproportionate amount of real estate on your face. 

It could be argued that tying your hair into a man bun makes this problem less likely. It reveals more of your face than if you were to let it all hang loose to the sides. 

Because of this, in a way, it’s the best style to adopt if you’ve got long hair and are looking to rock the “bearded with glasses” look. 


As I said, it’s a vibe. 

A look that may not be to everyone’s taste, but is undeniably popular. 

It may not be as common as it used to be, with man buns not quite as blazing hot as they were a few years ago. 

But it’s still a fantastic combination for any man with long hair and glasses. 

Try it out and see for yourself. Gather the opinions of friends and family and figure out if it’s the one for you. 

Experiment regularly and enjoy the process.