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7 Long Hair And Goatee Styles You Need To See

May 26, 2022 · Dilshan
7 Long Hair And Goatee Styles You Need To See

The versatility that long hair brings is pretty outstanding. One of its main benefits is just how well it pairs with facial hair. Goatees really aren’t any different. 

Overall, the style combination works well for many different reasons. 

But it’s important to understand just how many different variations of the combination you have available to you. 

Both long hair and goatees can be styled in many, many ways. 

Having a broad understanding of exactly what’s available to you will guide you in your long-haired journey of experimentation. 

You’re about to get a face full of inspiration in the form of 7 great styles you can try out for yourself. 

After that, I’ll give you a broad overview of exactly why this style works so well in the first place. 

Let’s get to it. 

7 Awesome Long Hair And Goatee Styles

Here are some pictures and explanations you can use as a source of inspiration. Use them to guide your style decisions going forward. 

Experiment regularly and have fun with it. 

1. Long Straight Hair With Full Goatee

As with most goatee styles, the Full Goatee consists of hair on the chin with little to none on the cheeks. 

long hair with a full goatee

It’s a “connected” goatee style, as the mustache and chin beard are connected to each other. 

This creates the appearance of hair encircling the mouth, which is why it’s also sometimes called a “circle beard”. 

It may not be possible for all men, as many can’t actually physically make their goatee connect. 

This is a common problem and not something to worry about. A goatee left disconnected still looks awesome, as you’ll soon see. 

The picture above shows you just how stylish long hair can look with a Full Goatee. 

It’s simple, sleek, and elegant. 

2. Long Curls And Goatee With Chinstrap

Long curls may not be the easiest to manage, but when it’s done properly there really is no competition. 

The goatee with chinstrap is a goatee variant 

It usually consists of a Full Goatee with the significant addition of a “chinstrap” extending along the jawline from one ear to the other. 

Chinstraps are often styled on their own. However, they don’t have the best of reputations. 

long curly hair with a goatee and chinstrap

They can often come across as a little immature or incomplete and do seem to be falling out of fashion for that very reason. 

But when combining this style with a goatee, the outcome is completely different. 

It maintains the sophistication and wide appeal of the regular goatee but has the additional benefits of the chinstrap as well. 

The main benefit here is the fact that the jawline is defined from one end to the other. This produces a glorious contouring effect that there’s really no substitute for. 

3. Long Undercut With Anchor Goatee

The “undercut” has roots tracing back to Edwardian England but has recently seen a surge in popularity. 

It consists of long hair on top, with the sides and back clipped short. 

The difference between this and the typical “short back and sides” is that there’s usually a hard disconnect between the top, back, and sides. 

long undercut with an anchor goatee

The variation in the picture above is one where the top is left very long and swept to the side. 

The goatee we’re looking at here is an “anchor goatee”. It’s less common, but effective nonetheless. 

It’s a disconnected goatee style because the mustache and chin beard aren’t connected. 

The soul patch (immediately beneath the lower lip) is allowed to flow downward and combine with the chin beard below. 

The chin beard extends along the lower jawline very slightly on either side. 

When putting this together, it produces an interesting anchor-like shape at the bottom. 

Although it does require some pretty intricate goatee-shaping, the outcome is often worth the effort. 

4. Messy Man Bun And Goatee

The man bun here is very loosely tied with plenty of hair at the back cascading and flowing downward. 

You could call it a “half man bun” for this reason and it’s “messy” because it isn’t tightly coiled.  

messy half man bun partnered with a goatee

Styling any man bun variation would be a great way for a long-haired man to stand out a little. 

As with goatees, there are so many different variations you could experiment with. 

The picture above may at first glance appear to break the cardinal rule of disallowing any hair on the cheeks. 

However, as you can see, the hair in the goatee area is much longer and thicker than the light stubble on the cheeks. 

The difference is so obvious that it can safely be labeled a goatee. 

I like to call this one the goatee with stubble for this reason. There’s a goatee, with some surrounding hair that’s much shorter in length. 

The additional stubble adds an extra layer of masculinity. Plus, it reduces the need for shaving the cheeks. 

For the many bearded men out there who hate the process of shaving, this could definitely be appealing. 

5. Long Side Swept Hair With Goatee

This is another goatee with chinstrap. As you can see, there’s a Full Goatee coupled with a strap of hair that runs along the lower jawline. 

As you’d expect, the jawline is very well contoured and defined as a result. 

The focus here is more on the fantastic side swept long hair. It really does draw most of the attention here. 

It can be a little difficult to manage. Some volume cream or sea salt spray should help you tame flyaways and keep it in place. 

Side swept styles are quite trendy at the moment. Whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly, it may be a fantastic option for any long-haired man out there. 

Although it does help when you’ve got a well-defined side parting, the style isn’t difficult to achieve. 

It could quite easily be your go-to style when you’re tired of pushing it back and just want a bit of a change. 

Side swept long hair can be a little uncomfortable for some men, however. The frequent need for brushing it away from the eye can be frustrating at times. 

Try it out for yourself and see whether this is a problem for you. 

6. Long Waves With Extended Goatee

Here’s another example of a disconnected goatee style. It’s similar to the Anchor Goatee in that respect, but the soul patch is clearly separated from the chin beard. 

The chin beard, however, does still “extend” slightly along the jawline on either side. 

It doesn’t go all the way as a chinstrap would. But it does extend enough to provide a bit of contouring and definition to the first part of the jawline. 

A goatee where you’ve got this slight extension on either side is called an “extended goatee”. 

It can be shaped into both connected and disconnected goatee styles. 

It’s a very subtle difference that has a more significant effect than you might initially have thought possible. 

Once again, it pairs so well with the long, messy, wavy hair here. 

7. Wavy Undercut With Long Goatee

Here’s another great example of an undercut. As you can see, the hair on top is long while the sides and back are clipped short. 

There’s a hard line or “disconnect” between the top, back, and sides. 

The top has been left wavy here, with a very nice and textured effect. 

But let’s talk about the goatee. 

This can be labeled a long goatee, because, well – the chin beard has some serious length to it. 

The contrast in color between the goatee and the long hair is a very nice effect here. 

It may not be for everyone. But as you’d expect, the longer the hair on the chin, the more prominence the chin is given. 

Because of this, it’s a great option for men with round faces who are looking to add some strength to their chin and lower jaw. 

But remember, the longer the facial hair, the greater the maintenance requirements will be. 

Brushing, combing, and oiling that goatee hair will become more important. With long hair on your scalp already, this may not be something you’re willing to do. 

Benefits Of Long Hair With Goatees

Although there are many, three, in particular, do stand out. Here’s a brief outline of this style’s three main benefits. 

1. It suits most face shapes

The combination of a goatee and long hair is versatile. Long hair with a goatee front and center makes the face more oval-shaped overall. This is usually the most desirable outcome. 

The hair frames the sides and the goatee makes the chin look more prominent. 

It’s also a great way for men with square-shaped faces to make their jawline look less broad. Facial hair can do wonderful things. 

However, men with “longer” face shapes might want to choose a full beard style instead. A goatee would simply make a pointy chin look even pointier. 

Overall, however, this combination works very well on a lot of men. 

2. It isn’t an overwhelming amount of hair

Long hair combined with a longer or fuller beard might end up being too much hair. A goatee is great because it’s a small, compact beard at the bottom center of your face. 

Your cheeks and neck are completely clear. This makes them look a lot more subtle and understated. 

A full beard wouldn’t leave much of your head, face, and neck not covered in hair. Goatees are in many cases a great middle-ground to settle upon.

3. It’s masculine, yet alternative

Long hair on a clean-shaven man isn’t always the most masculine look, and that’s perfectly fine. Many extremely good-looking men actually pursue that look and make it work. 

But if you were looking for a way to make long hair appear more masculine, coupling it with facial hair is often an easy way to do it. A goatee is a great choice for this purpose. 

However, although it’s masculine, the style isn’t a conventional look. That’s one of the reasons it’s so attractive. There aren’t many men bold enough to don this look and those that are will be given the respect that’s due to them. 

Being different and bucking the trend almost always pays off. It’s a style that draws attention and turns heads. 


Hopefully, you’ve now gained a good understanding of just how broad this style combination really is. 

There’s plenty you can do with it. So much so that you may not know where to start. 

Some general advice would be to take it slow. Go for the simpler styles first. For example, side-swept long hair with a Full Goatee. 

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try a disconnected undercut (with the assistance of a trusted barber) plus an Anchor Goatee. 

The options and opportunities are very vast indeed.