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Do Bogs Boots Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

December 21, 2022
Do Bogs Boots Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

Bogs boots are well known for being durable, comfortable, and insulating. However, they can be difficult to size. 

This is mainly due to the fact that most of them don’t come in half sizes. In addition, there’s plenty of variety between the different Bogs boot styles. 

Given how important well-fitting boots are, trying them on in-store would always be best. 

However, after collecting data from over 150 Amazon customers that submitted size reviews, I’ve put together a guide to give you a reasonable shot at finding the right size online. 

Let’s get to it. 

How Do Bogs Boots Fit? 

Most Bogs boots tend to run small. These include the men’s Classic Mid, the Bozeman Talls, and the Sauvie slip-ons. However, the Classic Ultra Mid generally fits true to size while the Rancher Snow Boots usually run big. 

“Running small” means that if you were to buy the boots in your “true” size, they’ll end up feeling tight. “Running big” means that doing so would end up feeling loose. 

With the Bogs boots that generally run small, most people would benefit from simply sizing up to the nearest whole size. Remember, most Bogs don’t come in half sizes. 

A common misconception is that the “classic” styles of Bogs boots (i.e the ones with “classic” in their name) tend to run small, while the other, more modern styles either run true to size or big. 

This isn’t a rule that can be accurately relied upon, as most people generally feel that the Classic Ultra Mid boots tend to fit true to size. 

It’s also worth noting that simply knowing that a certain boot style tends to run big, small, or true to size isn’t always that helpful. 

Feet and calves come in so many different shapes and sizes, which is why trying them on in-store before you buy is always the better option. 

Suggested Bogs Sizing For People That Wear Half-Sizes

One of the most common complaints that people have with Bogs boots is that they don’t come in half sizes. 

This makes sizing them more difficult. 

The Bogs website has some information on sizing – they specifically address this issue. What they recommend is that people that wear a ½ size should move up to the next full size. 

With most Bogs boot styles running small, going a ½ size up from your normal size is often the best way to go if you usually wear a half size. 

However, those with especially wide feet, large calves, or those who prefer to wear very thick socks may find that even this is too small. 

They’re now left with the decision of whether to wear ½ size up or a whole 1 and a ½ sizes up, leading to a real risk of the boots being either too tight or too loose somewhere along the boot. 

Because of this, there’s a chance you might make the wrong choice on your first attempt. If you don’t want the hassle of returning them after buying them online, try them on in-store before buying if you want to play it safe. 

Sizing Tips For Bogs Boots

Here are some additional tips for sizing Bogs boots: 

  • Make sure you know you’re “true” foot size before making any decisions. Getting it done in-store using a Brannock device would be best, but I’ve explained a DIY method down below. 
  • Bogs boots don’t have “wide” sizes. You may find that a pair is the perfect length but too tight due to having wide feet. Sizing up is the only solution – try thick inserts if you find the result is now too loose. 
  • Most classic Bogs boots for kids tend to run small, but consider buying true to size if they’re just growing into that size. 
  • If you find the bogs are a little tight around the calves when breaking them in, consider tucking your jeans into them to prevent excessive rubbing. If they’re simply too tight, however, do not wear them. 

Sizing For Specific Bogs Boot Styles

Read on to find out whether the most popular styles of men’s Bogs boots tend to run big, small, or true to size. 

Bogs Men’s Classic Mid  

The men’s Classic mid boots (Amazon Link) generally run small, with most people benefitting from choosing a half or a whole size larger than their true size. 

If you usually wear a half-size, go for the nearest whole size up and you should be fine. If you’ve got especially wide feet, however, consider going 1 and a half sizes up but expect some extra room at the toes. 

Bogs Men’s Rancher 

Out of all of the Bogs boots listed here, the Ranchers seem to produce the widest variation of opinion. However,  most do feel that Ranchers generally run big. 

In general, people benefitted from choosing a half size or one whole size smaller than their usual or “true” Brannock device foot size. 

However, there are still a significant minority of people who feel as though it fits their feet true to size. 

Because of this, Ranchers are a Bogs boot style I’d recommend you try on in-store before buying if you don’t want the hassle of returning them. 

If you are still keen on buying them online, however, let your foot width determine whether you go for a size smaller or go true to size. 

If you’ve got wide feet – go for your usual size. 

If you’ve got narrow or average width feet, go a half or a whole size smaller than your usual. 

Bogs Bozeman Tall

The Bogs Bozeman Tall boots tend to run small for most people. Because of this, consider going a half to a whole size larger than your usual size. 

Here’s an image link from Amazon: 

The Bozeman Talls are a popular Bogs product but do come with the same sizing frustrations that many of the others do. 

The majority of people did find that they ran small and had the best results when they went a half size up or a whole size up. 

Like most other Bogs boots, they don’t come in half sizes either. If you usually wear a half size, simply sizing up by a half-size (to the nearest whole size) would usually be your best option. 

Bogs Sauvie Slip On Boots

Sauvie slip-on boots generally run small and can fit especially tight at the top of the foot. Because of this, sizing up is recommended, with some customers even finding that they needed to size up two sizes to get a comfortable fit. 

Most, however, did find that simply sizing a half to a whole size up did the trick. It really does depend on individual circumstances and foot/calf size. 

But it does seem especially difficult to get the correct size of Sauvie slip ons, making it seem wise to try them on in-store if you didn’t want the hassle of swapping them back and forth. 

Bogs Classic Ultra Mid

The Bogs Classic Ultra Mid boots tend to fit true to size according to most customer reviews analyzed. 

In general, going for your usual size would usually be the best option, although wouldn’t be a guarantee by any means. 

This boot tends to dispel the commonly held belief that the “classic” Bogs boots tend to run small. 

The vast majority of reviews seemed to feel that the boots felt comfortable when worn in their usual size. 

Here it is on Amazon: 

How To Size Your Feet Correctly

Knowing whether a specific Bogs boot style generally runs big or small is great, but it doesn’t mean much when you don’t know what your actual foot size is in the first place. 

Figuring out your “true” US, UK or EUR size is the first step to knowing what size of Bogs boot to choose. 

The most effective way to find this out would be to visit a reputable shoe store and ask a professional to measure your feet using a Brannock device. You’ll only need to do this once, at the end of the day. 

However, here’s a step-by-step DIY method you can use. It won’t give you as accurate of a result, but it’ll do for most. 

  • Place your foot flat on a piece of paper, ideally wearing a sock in the thickness you’re most likely to wear with the boots. 
  • Using a pencil, mark the paper at the tip of your longest toe and also at the back of your heel. 
  • Using a ruler, measure the distance between these two marker points. This will give you the length of your foot in cm and inches. 
  • Refer to a size chart such as this one to find your US, EUR, or UK size. 


There you have it. Hopefully, you’ve got enough information to make a good attempt at buying a pair of Bogs boots online and getting the sizing correct. 

Remember, trying them in-store would always be best. But if you’re keen to buy them online, the tips above should help.