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Should You Brush Your Beard In The Shower?

July 31, 2023
Should You Brush Your Beard In The Shower?

Whether to brush your beard when it’s wet or dry is a very common question. Even the most seasoned of beardsmen can sometimes get confused about which path is best to take. A more specific question that’s often asked is, should you brush your beard in the shower?

Brushing your beard in the shower is something almost always best avoided. The main reason for this is that brushing wet hair leads to breakage. It may often seem like the simplest and most comfortable solution.

Beard brushing has become an essential part of the bearded man’s grooming routine. In fact, the earlier you start brushing, the better.

It helps to keep your beard healthy and looking its best. But when done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. 

Let’s discuss shower brushing in a little more detail. 

Why you should never brush your beard in the shower

The term ‘brushing’ is sometimes used interchangeably with other words such as ‘combing.’ These are very different tools and have very different uses. When we refer to brushing, we mean brushing with a boar bristle beard brush (Amazon Link).

It can cause damage

Like I said earlier, it can cause breakage and split-ends.

Increases risk of overbrushing

Making a habit of brushing your beard in the shower also increases the risk of overbrushing.

If you reach for a brush every time your beard is wet, chances are you’re going to do it too much. Brushing too often can cause just as much damage as brushing wet.

Washes away beard oil

It’s helpful to brush your beard after applying beard oil. It helps to distribute the oil beautifully, leading to much more effective results.

Another problem with shower brushing is that this becomes impossible. Showering will remove any beard oil you’ve tried to apply before it’s had a chance to work its magic.

So, when should you brush your beard?

Some people claim that it’s impossible to brush their beard when it isn’t wet. This is the number one reason most people give for brushing their beard in the shower.

Brushing your beard when it’s dry or nearly dry is usually the best option.

For those with more stubborn, curly beards, it is sometimes necessary to run through your beard with a wide-toothed beard comb (Amazon Link) before brushing. This should de-tangle the hair, making it easier for the brush to glide through.

What you use to groom your beard matters

Which tools you use to groom your beard is a factor when it comes to brushing your hair in the shower.

Although brushing in the shower should generally be avoided, some products are more suited to brushing a beard than others regardless of whether it’s wet or dry.

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Even if you’re using a high-quality beard brush (Amazon Link) with natural bristles, using one on your beard in the shower can pull at your hair.

This can cause hairs to be pulled out before they are ready. When hairs are removed prematurely, it can lead to areas of patchiness, split ends, and an overall harder to manage beard.

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Beard combs

High-quality beard combs (Amazon Link) are specifically designed to prevent snagging.

But only high-quality combs with wide teeth should be used for this purpose.

The last thing you want is to get a wet beard caught in a fine-toothed beard comb.


Most people agree that grooming your beard with a bristle brush should not be done when it is wet, as wet hairs are more prone to breakage.

  • Brushing wet hair can put unnecessary tension on these hairs.
  • As a general rule, longer beards should never be brushed through when wet.

By following the advice in this article, you can avoid causing unnecessary damage. By avoiding simple mistakes like brushing your beard when it’s at its most vulnerable, you can keep your beard looking highly impressive.