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Brut Splash On Vs Aftershave: What’s The Difference?

August 13, 2023
Brut Splash On Vs Aftershave: What’s The Difference?

With so many different variations of fragrance out there, whether it be cologne, eau de parfum or aftershave, it can be confusing to know what you should be using. 

A very common question when it comes to fragrance is, what is the difference between Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave?

The main difference between Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave is that the aftershave contains menthol, whereas the splash on does not. There are also several other differences such as alcohol content, longevity of scent and price between these two products.

Although that’s the short answer, let’s go through the main differences between these two variations of fragrance in more detail, and also go through how to choose between them.

It’s important to note that in this article I’ll be referring to the US versions of these fragrances, as the Brut products in other parts of the world are manufactured by a different lab and therefore have different features.

Brut Splash On Vs Brut Aftershave: 3 Similarities

Before we get into discussing the differences between these two products, it’s important to know what their similarities are, as it is these similarities that often cause people to confuse them for the same product.

Let’s get into it.

1. Scent

The actual fragrance that goes into both Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave is pretty much the same. In both, you get notes of citrus, and greens with undertones of sandalwood.

The reason people often say that the Brut Splash On scent is a more subtle scent compared with Brut Aftershave, is actually due to the increased alcohol content in the Splash On which makes it last longer on the skin but dilutes the scent itself.

This gives the illusion that the splash on has a weaker scent than the aftershave, and causes the green, herbaceous, and powdery notes in the Splash On to be more noticeable.

The aftershave packs more of a citrus punch at first sniff and therefore seems stronger

In actual fact, both scents are made up of similar notes, it is simply the differing alcohol content that causes them to be experienced in different ways. 

The bottles look pretty similar, so make sure you’re getting the one you want. 

Here’s the Splash On on Amazon: 

And this is what the After Shave looks like. Again, this is off of Amazon, but you could get either of these from plenty of retailers. 

2. Amount Of Fragrance 

As explained above, the Brut aftershave seems to give off a stronger scent at first, leading people to assume that it simply contains a higher fragrance concentration than the Brut Splash On.

In reality, the amount of fragrance in both the aftershave and splash on are the same. 

Again, it is the differing alcohol content in both of these products that causes a perceived difference in the fragrance.

The lower alcohol content in Brut Aftershave means that the initial smell out of the bottle is stronger as it is more likely to spread and evaporate quickly compared with Brut Splash On.

However, the amount of fragrance in each of these products is another similarity between the Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave.

3. The Bottle Design

Unless you are purchasing outside of the US, the bottle design of both the Brut Aftershave and Brut Splash On is almost identical.

The range of Brut products sold in the US has been manufactured by Idelle Labs for Helen of Troy since 2003.

They have a beer-bottle-esque appearance, made in green plastic, and the Cologne, Aftershave, and Splash On all come in these similar bottles.

The only slight difference is the size – the Splash On tends to come in a larger volume of 7oz, whereas the aftershave tends to come in a 5oz bottle.

When it comes to design, however, it is difficult to tell them apart.

Brut Splash On Vs Aftershave: 3 Differences

So, now you understand the main similarities between these two products.

Let’s now go through the main differences between Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave. 

1. Brut Aftershave Has Menthol

One of the most noticeable differences between Brut Splash On and Brut Aftershave (or Brut AS for short), is that the aftershave contains menthol, whereas the Splash On does not.

The menthol within Brut Aftershave acts to soothe the skin and help reduce irritation that can come with razor burn. 

This is in keeping with its intended use as an aftershave, which is a type of fragrance generally used post-shave to help tighten pores while also adding a nice scent.

Some men also like the cooling, refreshing feeling that comes with the added menthol in Brut aftershave. 

Brut Splash On, on the other hand, does not contain any menthol, so doesn’t have these same properties, but some men may still choose to use it as an aftershave.

2. Alcohol Content

Another important difference between the US versions of Brut Splash On and Brut AS is the alcohol content. 

I mentioned this earlier when talking about the similarities between these two Brut products.

Brut Splash On has a higher alcohol content compared with Brut Aftershave. 

For this reason, it may be less suitable as an aftershave compared with Brut AS which has a slightly lower alcohol content.

The higher alcohol content together with the propylene glycol in the splash on essentially means that the Brut Splash On is likely to last longer on the skin compared with the Brut Aftershave, which contains less alcohol.

The propylene glycol acts to slow down the evaporation of alcohol by allowing the fragrance oils to be dissolved within the alcohol carrier, so it follows that if the alcohol content is higher then this evaporation is likely to be less. 

In summary, then, Brut Splash On is theoretically more likely to have a longer-lasting scent compared with Brut Aftershave.

On the flip side, the lower alcohol content in Brut Aftershave means that the initial scent out of the bottle is stronger than Brut Splash on, as it evaporates more quickly, spreading its perfume molecules as it does.

However, in theory, this also means that the scent is likely to not last as long as the Brut Splash On. 

In a nutshell, Brut Splash On has a higher alcohol content, therefore is likely to have a longer-lasting – though seemingly milder – scent than the aftershave, whereas Brut Aftershave has a stronger initial scent but doesn’t last as long. 

3. Price 

Another important difference between Brut Aftershave and Brut Splash On is the price.

Brut Splash On is undeniably cheaper than Brut Aftershave.

Remember, the exact price you’ll pay depends on where you are in the world, but the following are pretty reasonable estimates. 

Brut Splash On in 7oz will set you back somewhere in the region of 6-8 dollars, whereas for the Brut Aftershave in 5oz you’re looking more at 9-11 dollars. 

So, the price per ml for Brut Splash On is a fair amount cheaper than the price per ml for Brut Aftershave. 

Brut Splash On Vs Aftershave: How To Choose 

Now that you know the differences between these two Brut products, there are some things to consider before deciding which one to buy.

1. Budget

Both Brut options are pretty affordable when compared with other fragrances on the market. 

However, if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, technically it would be better to go for Brut Splash On. 

The cheaper price per ml means that you can keep buying Brut Splash On regularly and know that you’re not breaking the bank.

The larger 7oz bottle will also last longer so you are having to buy less frequently.

So if you’re purely looking at price, then choosing Brut Splash On will be the best option for you.

2. Function

Another thing to ask yourself when deciding between these two products is, what function do I want this fragrance to serve?

Do you want a scent that you can quickly apply after a shower in the mornings and even top-up during the day, or do you need something that will work better as an aftershave?

If you are looking for an aftershave, then the Brut Aftershave is the obvious option.

Brut Splash On, though some men do choose to use this as an aftershave, is not designed specifically for this purpose and doesn’t contain any menthol.

Brut Splash On is better suited to daily use after a shower, to give a slightly longer-lasting scent throughout the day. It can also be topped up easily during the day to the neck and face area.

So which product you choose largely depends on what you are looking for when it comes to the function of your fragrance. 

3. Application

Although this might not be as large of a deciding factor, where you apply your chosen perfumed product can still be important.

For some men, having a perfumed product that can be applied to the body as well as the face and neck is essential, as it will give you fuller coverage and a scent that will be more likely to linger throughout the day.

Brut Splash On has been specifically designed to be splashed onto the body, face, and neck after a shower. 

Brut Aftershave is designed for use in the face and neck area after you have shaved, so its scent will be more localized. Some men, therefore, top off their aftershave with the Brut Cologne on the wrists and chest area, to give a fuller scent.

If you prefer to minimize your morning routine and choose a product that gives you good coverage and can function like an aftershave, then the Brut Splash On is your best choice.

If you don’t mind separating your routine into a 2-step process in the mornings, then getting Brut Aftershave is certainly an option, and then you can always top up with the Brut cologne if you want more coverage or a stronger scent.

4. Scent

As I mentioned before, both Brut Aftershave and Brut Splash On have the same fragrance made up of citrus-y top notes, with a hint of greenery and undertones of sandalwood.

However, due to the differing alcohol contents, the citrus notes become more prominent with the Brut Aftershave, and the herbaceous and powdery notes are more prominent with the Splash On, which tends to have a lighter scent.

This means that the fragrance is experienced slightly differently between the two products, and depending on your preference you may like the smell of one over the other.

At the end of the day, this comes down to personal preference, but it’s definitely worth making use of testers before you make a decision on which to buy. 


Although it may be confusing at first glance, hopefully, you understand a little more clearly the subtle differences between the Brut Aftershave and the Brut Splash On.

Whichever you choose, as long as you’ve made an informed decision then you’re unlikely to go too far wrong. 

You never know; you may even find a scent that will last you for years.