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When Should You Use Beard Oil? A Complete Guide

Beard oil is a vital product to own if you’re serious about keeping your beard healthy, manageable, and looking great. But when should you use beard oil?

As a rough guide, you should start using beard oil as soon as you start growing out your facial hair – even in the medium to heavy stubble phase. The time and frequency of applying beard oil are a bit more varied as it depends on a few different factors. 

Overall, it’s a complex question to answer, as it can mean many different things: When should you start using beard oil, when should you apply beard oil, how often should you apply beard oil? All of these are great questions, so let’s answer them all.

When should I start using beard oil?

As early as possible. When men start growing their beards, it is common for them to think they don’t need beard oil. This belief is because, as your beard or your stubble is short, it doesn’t need much care.

While it’s true that stubble and shorter beards are easier to maintain than long, complex beards, beard oil can still have some serious benefits. 

Starting to apply beard oil early is as important as starting to brush your beard early.

Why you should use beard oil on stubble

If you’ve only stopped shaving a day or two ago, chances are you won’t need to apply beard oil immediately. You can easily wait a few days before worrying about which oil to buy. Many people believe that using beard oil on stubble is a waste of product, and don’t see the point in buying it until their beard is longer.

However, beard oil does have numerous benefits when applied to stubble and shorter beards.

It’s never too soon to start using beard oil on your facial hair, as enriching the skin and new hairs will make your beard feel, and look, much better.

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1. It replenishes natural oils

The natural oils produced by your skin help the new hairs to break through the skin’s surface without discomfort and itchiness.

As these natural oils are often lost when you wash your facial hair, beard oils can help replenish it.

2. Moisturises hair and skin

The ingredients in beard oils mimic your natural oils, thereby repairing any damage done to your skin and hairs. The healthier your skin is, the easier it will be for new hairs to break through without causing discomfort

Also, well-nourished skin complements a growing beard very nicely. The two go hand-in-hand. 

3. Reduces itchiness and dandruff

Many men who start growing their beards don’t make it past the first few weeks, as this is when their beard is the itchiest and most sensitive. 

Beard oils replenish the skin under your beard, so it is less likely to flake off and itch. This leads to a much more comfortable beard growth experience. 

4. Softens hair

Beard oil helps to make your beard incredibly soft and smooth. You’ll want to run your fingers through your beard all day. Resist the temptation though – playing with facial hair makes patchiness more visible.

You won’t be the only one who sees the benefits of this. When your beard first starts to grow, it can often feel spiky or scratchy. If you have a partner, chances are they’ve pointed this out to you during an intimate moment. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sandpaper against your skin.

Beard oil softens the hair shaft, rounds off the edges, and also soothes the underlying skin. The result is a much more pleasant tactile experience. 

5. Smells amazing

Beard oils can be purchased with added fragrances, meaning you will have an incredible aroma at all times. The scents range from sweet to woody – trust me, there’s a scent for everyone.

Here’s a great scented beard oil you can check out. 

5mm beard

An additional benefit for longer beards:

Apart from all of the benefits we listed above, beard oil also makes your facial hair easier to style. The ingredients in these products contain detangling agents and even relaxing agents, both of which make your beard easier to brush through and keep in place.

How often should I use beard oil?

As a general rule, applying beard oil once a day is enough for the average person. Every beard is unique, so you might need to increase or decrease how often you use oil.

Typically, if your beard feels dry and wiry, you should increase the frequency.

Similarly, if your beard feels greasy, you should decrease the frequency.  

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to figuring out how often you need to apply beard oil. These factors are beard length, beard style, and the climate you live in.

The length of your beard

The length of your beard will affect how often you will need to apply beard oil. Generally, longer beards require more nourishment and therefore require more frequent beard oil application.

1. Shorter beards

The shorter your beard, the less oil you should use, and the less frequently you should apply it. Once per day is usually enough for most people with short beards.

You should always start with less frequent application and increase it if necessary.

Shorter hairs won’t absorb as much product, so it is very easy to over-apply beard oil if you’re not careful.

If you apply too much, it can leave you with a greasy feeling, and nobody enjoys that. Using beard oil too often is also a waste of product. The excess oil has nowhere to go and is not helping your skin or beard at all.

2. Longer beards

Longer beards need more oil. This is because longer hairs absorb more oil and wick the oil away from the skin. To replenish the natural oils that are taken away from the skin, beard oil needs to be applied more often.

For some, this can still mean applying beard oil once a day. For others, this can mean using oil multiple times per day.

It might take a bit of experimentation to know how much oil your beard needs to look and feel its best.

The style of your beard

Beard oil can help to keep your beard’s style in place. If your beard’s style is less complicated, you will only need to apply beard oil once, and your facial hair will stay in place.

If your beard has a more intricate style, you might need to apply beard oil more often to maintain your desired look.

Applying beard oil more often also helps to achieve a more polished look. If slick and shiny is the look you’re going for, you might need to use beard oil more frequently.

Coarse beards are generally harder to style, as they’re thicker and more prone to frizz. These beards might require more frequent application of beard oil to keep them manageable and looking their best.

The environment you live in

Climate has a significant impact on when to apply beard oil. The more humid, the more prone your beard is to frizz. Facial hair affected by humidity will usually require more frequent application of beard oil.

Harsh heat and sun exposure can damage the cuticle of your hair. When this happens, the hair loses its protective layer, and the sun can damage the hairs underneath.

Applying beard oil before you go outside can help create a protective barrier. As such, you might need to increase how often you apply oil to your beard.  

Make no mistake though. It’s not a substitute for applying actual SPF suncream.

What time should I use beard oil?

We’ve covered when you should start using beard oil, and how often you should use beard oil.

In terms of night or day, it really doesn’t matter.

But let’s cover when in your grooming routine you should be using beard oil. There are three factors to consider: your pores should be open, your beard should be almost dry, and it should be before you brush your beard.

It’s as simple as that.

1. When your pores are open

If you’ve ever visited a barber for a shave, you’ll be familiar with the hot towel that’s placed over your face beforehand. The heat from this towel helps to open up the pores. This not only makes the hair softer and easier to work with, but it also allows products to absorb more easily into the skin.

The easiest way to achieve this at home is to either have a warm shower or wash your face with warm water. Your pores will be open and ready for absorbing beard oil and other necessary products. Warming up the skin before applying beard oil is the best way to ensure you experience its benefits in full. 

2. When your beard is almost dry

Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix. If you apply beard oil to wet hair, it won’t be absorbed into the skin and beard. 

Waiting until your beard is around 80% dry will ensure that your beard is dry enough to absorb the oil and damp enough to be manageable.

3. Before you brush your beard

After applying beard oil, you should brush it through your hair with a boar bristle beard brush .

Brushing before applying oil helps to distribute the oil evenly through your facial hair.

It ensures that each strand is coated by the beard oil, giving your beard a nice, uniform shine.


Knowing when to use beard oil is easy once you know the rules. Let’s recap quickly. 

Typically, you can start to use beard oil as early as you want, as it has many benefits for your skin and hair, regardless of the length. 

Beard oil is generally applied daily, but it can be used more or less frequently based on your beard’s length and style, and the environment you live in.

Every beard is as individual as the person it’s attached to, so there will be a bit of trial and error at first. 

Knowing what part of your routine to apply beard oil will ensure you see the full benefits of your product. As a general rule, applying beard oil should be done after a warm shower when your pores are open. Alternatively, after washing your beard with lukewarm water.

Your beard should be at least 80% dry, so that the oil is easily absorbed into your facial hair. Brushing your beard after applying the oil will ensure that the product is distributed evenly throughout your beard. 

Follow this advice, and never again will you set a foot wrong when it comes to your beard oil.