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How To Dye Your Beard Silver Without Staining

May 26, 2022 · Dilshan
How To Dye Your Beard Silver Without Staining

Whatever the occasion, sometimes a strikingly silver beard is just the right tone to set. Whether it’s for daily use or something more festive, you’re about to learn exactly how to dye your beard silver in the most effective way possible. 

You may already have pretty glorious greys and are just looking to exaggerate the aesthetic. 

You have an entirely different colored beard and just want something silvery for the fun of it. 

It doesn’t matter. 

The technique is the same – trust me, it’s a simple one. 

Coloring one’s beard is an increasingly popular grooming habit you should get to grips with. But it’s important to know how to do it correctly right from the word go. 

You’re going to learn what to use, the proper technique, and also how to really enhance the results. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Silver Beard Dye Should You Use? 

When it comes to dyeing your beard silver, you really only have temporary options. 

There aren’t any reputable semi-permanent or permanent options on the market these days. 

The big players in the hair dyeing game focus on more youthful colors. That’s fine – after all that is definitely a more popular route to take. 

But it doesn’t mean that silver beard dyes aren’t sought after. There are plenty of men looking to brighten up their greys or simply looking for silvery change altogether. 

Cutting right to the chase, use Mofajang’s Silver Hair Color Wax (Amazon Link).

The effects are instantaneous – no waiting a couple of days for the shade to really set in. It’s ready right out off the bat. 

Plus, it’s temporary nature does bring about some serious benefits. For one, you don’t have to commit to anything. 

It’s no secret that a lot of men looking to dye their beard silver are only looking to do it for a single night.  Whether it’s for Christmas or for Halloween, this stuff will do the trick. 

Once you’re done, just wash it out. It comes off easily. 

In addition, skin staining really isn’t a problem. Much like it does with your hair and beard, it washes right off the skin. 

It’s worth mentioning that the finish you get with this color wax is pretty bold. But when you’re looking to dye your beard silver, that’s usually the look you’re going for anyway. 

Plus, if you need to dye your head hair silver to match, this stuff will also definitely do the trick. 

It’s quite rare for men to want a more “permanent” silver coloring solution. If you’re happy with something more temporary, give color wax a go. 

How To Dye Your Beard Silver In 5 Steps

As you read through this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll quickly come to realize how simple it really is. That’s the beauty of temporary dyeing solutions. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Color Wax
  • Toothbrush for application (if you aren’t happy to use your fingers)
  • Beard Comb for distribution. If you don’t have one, don’t worry – it isn’t essential
  • Cleaning Wipes to get rid of any smears across your cheek or neck

1. Perform A Patch Test

If you’ve read my other tutorials, you may have noticed how I always recommend starting with a patch test whenever you’re testing out a new product. 

No matter how excited you may be to use it, a patch test is always advisable. 

So, a couple of days before you plan on first using it on your beard, apply a small amount to your elbow (or anywhere else that’s easy to hide). 

Wait 24-48 hours and review the area. 

If there’s any inflammation or soreness, there’s a chance you may have reacted to it. 

Don’t use it. Try a different color wax instead. 

If the area looks fine, you’re all set. It’s time to trial this stuff on your beard. 

2. Clean The Face And Beard 

It’s safe to say that a clean beard is much easier to groom. This is also the case when it comes to coloring/dyeing. 

Although it’s more important with semi-permanent or permanent dyeing options, a clean beard will most likely distribute the color more evenly. 

Having said that, having a small amount of natural sebum oil is never a bad thing. For this reason, avoid shampooing your beard immediately before you color it. 

Simply wash it with lukewarm water to avoid drying it out too much. There’s a theory that natural oils help to absorb the color better. 

Again, this is less important with temporary color wax, but still quite likely to be the best possible route to take. 

Once you’ve run a good amount of lukewarm water through the beard, towel-dry, and get ready to apply the silver wax onto the beard. 

3. Apply The Silver Dye 

It’s worth pointing out that I’m using “dye” and “color wax” interchangeably here. 

They’re essentially the same thing. 

Mofajang’s Silver Hair Color Wax (Amazon Link) is ready right out of the box. There’s no mixing necessary – that’s the beauty of it. 

You can choose to apply it using your fingers or a small brush of some sort. A toothbrush would be fine. 

You may find that applying it using your fingers is more efficient and effective because you’re able to dig in deeper and really work the color into the strands. 

Remember, it’ll wash off your hands pretty easily. 

But if you’re not a fan of getting the stuff on your fingers, using a toothbrush would be a reasonable and effective alternative. 

If you are using your fingers, apply it as you would a pomade. It has a similar consistency. 

It may be a little heavier, but you’ll get used to it. 

Try to get a nice, even distribution. If you notice any hairs clumping together, try and separate them before it sets. 

Really use your fingertips to dig into the deeper parts of your beard. 

Try to keep things neat but don’t stress too much about the odd smear across your cheek or neck – you can wipe it off later. 

The amount you’ll need to use will, of course, depend on how long your beard is. 

The best advice would be to start low and go slow. Don’t apply too much right from the word go. 

Try and use the smallest amount of product you need to get the job done. It’ll look more natural and will also avoid wasting the color wax. 

Technically, you could even dye stubble, but you’ll need much less product. 

Once you’ve applied this initial coating, move onto the next step. 

4. Comb It Through Evenly

This is really only possible if you’ve got a beard comb. 

If you don’t, it’s not a problem. 

This isn’t an essential step, but it does enhance the results. 

Beard combs are fantastic for distributing products through the deepest crevasses of a beard. 

Whether we’re talking about beard oils, beard balms, or beard dyes, a beard comb will do the trick. 

Getting dye on your beard comb should usually never be done. But a temporary color wax should be fine as it’ll wash off. 

If you’re really concerned about getting any sort of staining or residue on your beard comb, it’s also probably better to avoid this step. 

But if you’ve got a beard comb and you’re happy to go ahead, gently comb the silver color wax through the beard as evenly as possible. 

As you’re doing this, take the opportunity to style the beard the way you want it to set. 

Beard combs are also great for styling as well as detangling. The benefits of beard combing are pretty well-known. 

So, it should untangle any tangles that form deep within your beard during the dyeing process. 

It should also help you tidy it up – comb downward and (generally) toward the chin to keep it looking neat and flat. 

5. Clean Up And Allow It To Set

As I mentioned earlier, you may well have a few smears of silver on your cheek and neck. You’ll definitely want to wipe them off to get the neatest possible result. 

Some wet wipes should do the trick. 

Try and make sure the neckline and cheek lines of the beard are well defined and there aren’t any smears of silver dye crossing them. 

This will ensure the beard looks slick and sharp.

Once you’ve done this, you’re done. 

Remember, the results are instantaneous. The brilliant silver will be obvious right from the start. 

But you may find that it feels a little heavy or overbearing at first as it sets. It may just feel a bit different and might take a couple of hours to get used to. 

Once again, the beauty of it is that if you really aren’t a fan of the outcome, it’s no big deal. 

Simply wash it out and try something else. 

But there’s a great chance you’ll really like what you see. Step back and admire your work. 

You’re done. 

Additional Grooming Tips For A Silver Beard

Whether you’re already a silver-bearded man with a newfound brightness to your beard, or you’re completely new to silver-beardedness, these grooming tips will serve you well. 

Dyeing your beard is all well and good, but the results will always be more impressive on a well-groomed beard. 

  • Define the borders before you dye the beard. By “borders”, I mean the neckline and cheek lines. This will give you a “frame” within which you know you need to keep the dye contained. The results will be so much neater. 
  • Avoid beard oils before you dye the beard silver. Beard oils are fantastic, but applying it before you color the beard may be too much product. It might feel a little heavy or uncomfortable. 
  • Consider brushing the beard before you dye it. Once you’ve got a few weeks of growth you should be brushing daily anyway. But brushing it beforehand will distribute natural oils evenly and keep it nice and flat for the dyeing process. 


There you have it. 

No matter what the occasion is, this technique will serve you well. 

It’s simple, it’s instantaneous, it’s no-nonsense. 

Have fun with it.