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How To Dye Your Beard Blue (The Easy Way)

Sometimes, a statement is in order. Let’s face it – statements don’t get much bolder than this. You’re about to learn exactly how to dye your beard blue in the easiest and most effective way possible. 

Why would a man want to do this? 

Usually, it’s for the sake of something festive or fun. A Halloween party, a sporting event – it doesn’t matter. 

It’s possible, and it can look very impressive indeed. 

Although it’s by no means anything complicated, it’s still important to get the technique down to ensure you get the best outcome each and every time you do it. 

That’s what you’re about to learn. What to use, how to do it, and how to make it look fantastic. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Should You Use To Dye Your Beard Blue? 

This one’s simple. I’ve done quite a few of these beard dyeing tutorials and I often find myself coming back to one particular product. 

Color wax. 

It isn’t the solution to everything. But when it comes to fun, one-off, one-night-only beard dyeing needs, it’s the one. 

Here’s why. 

It’s temporary. 

It’s easy to wash out and doesn’t stain your skin. This makes the process a lot less stressful. You’ve got the freedom to experiment frequently without fear of messing up. 

You can put it on and see instant results. No waiting around for a day or two for the tone to properly set like you may have to with semi-permanent or permanent beard dyes. 

 Try Mofajang’s Blue Hair Color Wax (Amazon Link). 

You’ll be pretty blown away by how simple and no-nonsense it is. 

No mixing or preparation required. You just pop off the lid and rub that good stuff in. It’s really that simple. 

It’s extremely unlikely that you’d be looking for a semi-permanent or permanent alternative. I mean, would anyone really want this color on their beard for the long haul? 


If you were looking for something more permanent, you could try Arctic Fox Blue Poseidon (Amazon Link). You can expect it to last for several weeks; it does generally look better on pre-lightened hair.

But in the very likely event that you’re happy with something that’s truly temporary, color wax is the one for you. 

Read on to find out exactly how to use it. 

How To Dye Your Beard Blue In 6 Steps

It’s simple, but not a walk in the park. What you want is a nice, even coating of blue color wax across your entire beard. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Color wax (Amazon Link)
  • Toothbrush for application (if you don’t want to apply it using your hands)
  • Wet Wipes for cleaning up any smears or mess
  • Beard Comb for easily distributing the wax. Not essential, but boy does it help. 

As you can see, the only truly essential product you’ll need is the color wax. That’s the beauty of it. 

But if you can get hold of the entire kit, the process will be smoother. 

Let’s get going. 

1. Perform The Patch Test

Whenever you’re applying a new product it’s important to perform a patch test. 

Around 24 hours before you plan on using the color wax on your beard, apply a small amount to the back of your elbow (or somewhere else discrete). 

Leave it on for at least 24 hours and review the area. 

If there’s any inflammation or redness you may have had a reaction to it. Don’t use it on your beard (or anywhere else). 

Choose a different product and be glad that you didn’t use this one on your face. 

If the area looks fine, that’s perfect. Move onto the next step. 

2. Trim The Beard

If your beard is already exactly the way you want it, skip this step. 

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important to mention that this is the point where you trim and sculpt the beard the way you want it to look. 

In particular, define the borders. 

Keep the neckline and cheek lines well-defined as it gives you distinct borders within which you can contain the blue wax. 

Well-defined borders also just make the end-result look so much slicker and more impressive. 

3. Wash And Dry The Beard

Lukewarm water is all you need here. 

Avoid beard shampoo immediately before you color your beard. Although there are different schools of thought here, there’s a theory that natural oils like sebum help to absorb coloring and dye better. 

Using beard shampoo beforehand may just dry all that good stuff out. 

In any case, washing your beard with water only is often good enough. 

A clean beard is much easier to dye than a greasy one. Getting an even distribution and coating of color will be less of a hassle. 

Towel-dry until your beard is only very slightly damp and move onto the next step. 

It’s time to color your beard blue. 

4. Apply The Blue Color Wax

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no mixing necessary. The blue color wax will be ready to use as soon as you pop the lid.

It’s best to use your fingers – you can really dig in deep and work the color in using your fingertips. 

It washes off, so you don’t need to worry about skin staining

But if you’d rather not use your hands, you can always use a toothbrush for application. 

In general, it’s better to avoid using a toothbrush on your beard as the synthetic bristles might damage the hair. 

But for one-off applications of blue beard dye, it’ll be alright. It just won’t be as effective. 

Either way, try and get as even a coating of wax as possible. Don’t forget the area under the jawline. 

Look at your beard from front-on and both sides to ensure you haven’t missed any spots. 

You may well find that you’ve got a couple of smears of blue wax on your cheek or neck. Don’t worry about this. 

Remember, it doesn’t stain and clean-up time is later. 

Once you’re happy you’ve got a nice and even distribution, it’s time to really hone in on getting the best possible result. 

5. Comb It Through With A Beard Comb

Most of the time, it’s probably best to avoid getting dye on your combs and brushes. 

But when it comes to color wax, it’s usually fine on special occasions. 

The reason it’s worth combing the wax through is that it really helps to distribute the color through the deeper parts of your beard. 

That’s what’ll give it a nice and rich blue color. 

Other benefits of combing the beard include detangling and styling. It’s quite likely that applying wax will cause some tangles to form, particularly deep within the beard. 

The long teeth of a beard comb are great for gently pulling apart those tangles, making it all look neater as a result. 

Plus, now is a great opportunity to style the beard the way you want it. The color wax hasn’t quite dried and set yet and you’re combing your beard in any case. 

If you want to keep it neat, comb it downward and toward your chin. 

6. Clean Up And Let It Set

Those little smears of blue on your cheeks and neck need to be wiped off. This is where you’re handy wet wipes come into play. 

Wipe up any mess to keep the borders of the beard looking nice and sharp. 

It doesn’t take long to “set”. 

Immediately after you’ve applied it, it might feel a little different. Perhaps a bit heavier than your usual pomade. 

But give it an hour or two and you’ll get used to it. 

As I mentioned earlier, the results are instantaneous. Once this is done, you’re done. 

Step back, admire your work, and put the rest of your outfit together. 

Before we finish, it’s worth mentioning that this exact same process can be used on your head hair if you’re looking to match the two. 

Just substitute the beard comb for a regular one. 

Additional Blue-Bearded Grooming Tips

Following the routine above will pretty much guarantee you a good result. But here are a few extra tips to really get you what you want. 

  • Dashes of blue in your outfit will go a long way when combined with a blue beard. A blue tie, blue cufflinks, a blue hat, etc. 
  • Avoid applying beard oil before you apply the blue color wax. Beard oil is awesome but it may be a little much combined with color wax. Keep things light. 
  • Don’t overdo it. Too much color wax will cause clumping of the hair and also look obvious. Start low and go slow. Use the minimum amount necessary to get a nice and even blue coating. 
  • Experiment regularly. The beauty of color wax is that you don’t have to commit to anything. There are plenty of other colors to try. If you don’t like them, you can simply wash them out. 


That’s all folks. 

Hope it was helpful. It’s not every day I get to write about dyeing a beard blue. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. 

Have fun with it. Enjoy.