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Can You Use A Beard Trimmer On Body Hair?

December 6, 2020 · Dilshan
Can You Use A Beard Trimmer On Body Hair?

While “beard trimmer” is a suitable name that describes exactly what the product is intended to do, these devices are actually quite versatile. It begs the question, can you use a beard trimmer on body hair? 

In short, yes. You can use a beard trimmer on body hair. 

The value of beard trimmers for other forms of maintaining personal hygiene is becoming more well-known, due in part to how widely available beard trimmers are and the rapid spread of this information via the internet. 

Those who have never used or really ever needed a beard trimmer, however, may still be skeptical. 

Keep reading to find out why you might want to use a beard trimmer on your body hair, as well as what sort of beard trimmers to look for. 

Why a Beard Trimmer May Be the Ideal Tool for Controlling Body Hair

A beard trimmer can be used to control body hair in a few different ways, so many people find this device appealing. Here are the three primary reasons why a beard trimmer may be the ideal tool for maintaining your body hair. 

1. Body Hair and Beard Hair Are Similar 

Unlike the hair on your scalp, body hair and beard hair are pretty coarse, but these types of hair tend to be less thick. This means that body hair and beard hair much are easier to maintain with a beard trimmer. 

Also, since beard trimmers are designed for controlling beard hair, these devices are just as effective on body hair. 

As a bonus, beard trimmers are already designed to account for sensitive skin since they are usually applied to the delicate skin of the face, so a beard trimmer should be less likely to irritate the rest of your skin than a razor. 

2. Beard Trimmers Tend to Be Versatile 

As mentioned above, a beard trimmer can be used for a few types of body hair and beard hair maintenance: shaving, trimming and sculpting. 

Beard trimmers usually come with a variety of detachable blades and heads to accommodate all of these different purposes, including one specifically for shaving. 

Impressively, the versatility of beard trimmers makes them a useful tool for both men and women despite their general differences in body hair preferences and maintenance. 

No matter what type of grooming you prefer, a beard trimmer has something to offer. 

3. Beard Trimmers Provide Options for Length

Additionally, a beard trimmer allows for several different lengths of body hair. 

This product is especially useful for trimming and outlining chest hair, for example, because you can switch between lengths in the dense and sparse areas, which can actually make the hair look more even. 

example of a beard trimmer
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Beard trimmers are also good for maintaining armpit hair and pubic hair for the same reasons. 

You may only wish to remove some of it and trim or sculpt the rest. All of these options for length leave you free to experiment and find the look that most suits you in terms of comfort and appearance.

Features to Seek in a Beard Trimmer For Body Hair

Although quality beard trimmers offer all of the benefits outlined above, not all beard trimmers are designed so well. These are the features to look for before you choose a beard trimmer to purchase. 

1. Attachments 

While most beard trimmers come with attachments, not all of them do, and some beard trimmers may not come with the attachments you need. Certain beard trimmers only come with the basics: guard lengths and edgers. 

These are the attachments that will allow you to trim and shape your body hair, but it would be impossible to shave without a foil-head attachment for that. 

Be sure that a beard trimmer comes with all the attachments you will need for your desired form of body hair maintenance. 

In particular, wherever you might want to trim, make sure the trimmer will be able to trim down to your desired length. 

2. Trimmer Maintenance 

Some beard trimmers are easier to maintain than others. You will want a beard trimmer that is easy to maintain for both convenience and to preserve the beard trimmer’s peak performance. 

For instance, if a beard trimmer is used often without being oiled regularly, it may overheat and will not work as well as it normally would. 

For maximum convenience, try to find a beard trimmer that comes with oil for the blades. Good beard trimmers will also most likely come with a small brush for getting debris out from between the sets of blades.

3. Battery Life 

It would be very inconvenient if your beard trimmer shut off while you were in the middle of using it. Look into the battery life of a beard trimmer to avoid them shutting off at the worst times.

Beard trimmers with poor battery lives also have to be charged constantly, which is another inconvenience.

Quality beard trimmers tend to stay charged for about an hour, but very good beard trimmers will often indicate how much charge is left in the device. 

Would A Body Groomer Be Better Than A Beard Trimmer?

In short, yes. But probably not for the reasons you’d initially imagine. 

With such a wide range of grooming tools available for purchase these days, it can be easy to get carried away and end up breaking the bank. 

Yes, it would be better to use a dedicated body groomer for trimming your body hair. But a beard trimmer would definitely get the job done as well. 

The reason it may be wise to get yourself a separate body groomer is that it’ll last the long haul. 

Using the same trimmer for multiple purposes is a good way to wear it down quickly. Its lifespan may not ultimately end up being what you thought it was going to be. 

Having separate trimmers for different purposes will ensure that each device lasts.

But is it essential? 

Absolutely not. 

If you can afford it though, seriously consider it. 

The Best Beard Trimmer For Body Hair

OK, this may be a bit of a stretch. Having a “best beard trimmer” for body hair just seems a bit odd. 

I wouldn’t recommend buying a beard trimmer solely for the purpose of trimming your body hair. 

But if you’re looking for a very solid beard trimmer that would double up as a good body hair trimmer as well, consider the Brio Beardscape (Amazon Link). 

It’s stylish, lightweight, and has pretty fantastic ceramic blades. Plus, it’s one of the quietest trimmers around. 

Ultimately, if you’ve got a beard you want to take care of but happen to have a bit of body hair you’d like to keep in check too, it’s definitely one to consider.


Beard trimmers can be used on body hair. A quality beard trimmer is an excellent device for various forms of body hair maintenance, including shaving, trimming, and sculpting. 

This product is extra useful for men with beards and a good deal of body hair, as it serves a double purpose. All of the internet hype surrounding beard trimmers is true. 

However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before you purchase a beard trimmer. 

A cheap beard trimmer will most likely be lacking in the features you need to use a beard trimmer efficiently. Always look for a beard trimmer that comes with the attachments you desire, items for easy maintenance, and long battery life.