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Should You Use Beard Oil On Stubble?

Beard oil is a fantastic product for keeping your facial hair looking and feeling its best. Some people think they need to wait until their beard has grown out before using beard oil. However, many people choose to apply oil when their beard is just starting out – i.e, in stubble phase. So, should you use beard oil on stubble? 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using beard oil as soon as you decide to grow stubble. Whether it’s medium or heavy stubble, there are many benefits to doing so, and it can make growth a much more comfortable experience. It does this by replenishing lost natural oils, reducing itchiness, and more.

It’s simple. A phenomenal beard oil such as Honest Amish Beard Oil will benefit your stubble.

Let’s take a look at all of the reasons why you should do it, as well as why some people don’t. 

Benefits of Using Beard Oil On Stubble

There are so many. When you first decide to put down the razor, it’s best to do everything you can to give your stubble a fighting chance to become great.

The danger of growing stubble is that it can look very accidental as opposed to intentional. Beard oil prevents this.

Applying oil can also help make the entire process more comfortable, and will keep your facial hair looking and feeling great. 

Makes growth more comfortable 

When your facial hair first starts to grow, it has to break through your skin. Without beard oil, the skin can feel dry and flaky during this phase. Poorly moisturized skin increases the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs.

Applying beard oil to your stubble moisturizes and conditions the skin, making it more comfortable when these new hairs break through.

This means that the hairs can easily penetrate the skin without causing discomfort. Your skin and beard will be less irritated, and you’ll be much more comfortable.

Softens hair 

Stubble looks great, but it typically doesn’t feel great. When your stubble first starts to grow, the hairs are short and blunt. This results in a wiry or spiky feeling, which can irritate your skin, and the skin of people you’re close to. 

Applying beard oil to your stubble softens these hairs, making them feel less like sandpaper. It’ll feel so much nicer when you run your fingers through it.

As a bonus, anyone you’re close to will be grateful that they don’t have to feel your stubble scrape against their skin. 

Replenishes lost oils 

When your beard begins to grow, the hairs can pull natural oils away from your skin. This can result in the skin under your stubble becoming dry and irritated. Beard oil can help to replace these oils

Coating the hair shafts from root to tip in a nice sheen of beard oil can make give the stubble a fuller, and less patchy appearance.

A slick shine always gives stubble a more intentional as opposed to accidental look. Remember, this is what we aim for. 

Of course, brushing your stubble with a boar bristle beard brush is a great way to evenly distribute this beard oil. Like I’ve said before, always brush after oil, and it’s never too early to start brushing your beard

These products contain essential oils such as argan and jojoba that nourish the hairs in much the same way that natural oils do. 

Beard oil also contains hydrating ingredients that can soothe the skin and protect it from further damage and irritation. 

Protects from Sun Damage 

We all know that UV rays are harmful to your skin. When you have stubble, it’s harder to apply sunscreen to protect from sun damage.

Many men even forget that the skin beneath their stubble needs protection too, as they think their stubble will form a barrier from the sun. This is not the case. 

Purchasing a beard oil with SPF will give you even greater peace of mind. If you apply this beard oil to your stubble, you don’t have to worry so much about the harmful effects of the sun. 

Reduces Itchiness 

The phase when your beard first starts growing is the itchiest and most prone to irritation. This is because the coarse hairs are attempting to push their way through the skin.

Plus, the shorter the hairs are, the less even the edges. Collectively, stubble hairs feel more and more like sandpaper the shorter they are.

This itchiness is too much to handle for some, and they abandon their beard goals. Before picking up the razor, consider applying beard oil to your stubble. 

If you’re planning to maintain a stubble beard, you might have to deal with this itchiness regularly. When the skin is soothed and nourished by beard oil, it reduces itchiness. This will keep you more comfortable for longer. 

Prevents Beardruff

With itchiness comes dandruff. As your hairs break through, your skin can sometimes flake off with it. These flakes of skin are known as “beardruff” (beard dandruff).

Beardruff not only looks terrible, but it also feels uncomfortable.

Many people assume that shorter beards are less prone to beardruff, but this can occur at any stage of beard growth. 

As beard oil conditions the skin, it reduces the risk of beardruff occurring. Preventing beardruff is much easier than getting rid of it, so applying oil to your stubble early on is in your best interest.

The softer your hairs, and the more conditioned your skin, the less likely you are to develop beardruff. 

Can stimulate growth 

Bear in mind that the evidence here is lacking.

But, many men do believe that beard oil stimulates growth. These therapeutic oils contain ingredients that stimulate the follicle, helping to increase the rate your beard grows at.

Even if you’re choosing to keep your beard in stubble phase, this can be very helpful. They call it “beard food” for a reason. 

Applying beard oil can help if you’re trying to fix any gaps in your stubble. By applying this oil to areas that are patchy or not producing as much hair, you can help improve the overall appearance of your beard. 

Smells great 

Beard oil has a positive impact on the look and feel of your stubble, but there’s another benefit some people overlook. Scented beard oils not only keep your beard in top shape, but they also act as a personal fragrance. 

With so many brands and scents to choose from, there is a scent for every kind of man. The fragrances can be sweet and floral like lavender, or citrus-based like lemongrass.

Some beard oils draw their inspiration from nature, with scents like cedar, pine, and sea salt. Others mimic the smell of your favorite alcohol, with fragrances like whiskey, bourbon, and rum becoming more common. For a fresher feel, you can even find scents like peppermint and linen.

Applying these oils to your stubble will ensure that you always smell your best, as the oil is absorbed into your hair and skin. This means the fragrance will last for longer, and you won’t have to apply as much cologne as you usually would. 

Here’s a great scented beard oil you can check out. Warning: Irresistible to pretty much anything and everyone.

Why Some People Choose Not to Use Beard Oil on Stubble 

Despite all of the benefits we listed, some people choose not to use beard oil on their stubble. Many men believe it is unnecessary to apply oil when their beard is short. So, what are their reasons? 


Choosing not to use beard oil can be for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is money. A good quality beard oil is not necessarily expensive, but the cost does add up over time. 

Some people choose to delay buying beard oil until the effects will be more noticeable. For many, this means waiting until their beard is longer.

In doing so, they are ignoring the many benefits that aren’t as easily seen. But sure, delaying the purchase of beard oil will save you money over time. 

If you’re looking for high quality yet affordable, seriously – try Honest Amish Beard Oil  . It’s all-natural, hand-crafted in the USA, and a hugely trusted brand. 

Corporate Distrust

Some people think using beard oil on stubble is recommended by companies as a way for them to make more money. It is common for consumers not to trust companies.

This is because if a company stands to benefit from your use of a product, it would be in their interest to recommend it to you. 

The theory is that by applying oil earlier, you have to purchase oil sooner. By buying beard oil earlier, you will have used more oil over the lifetime of your beard. The more oil you use, the more money companies make. 

I’d be careful about following this school of thought. Brands are here to make money – sure. But don’t let that deny your beard from the benefits of applying beard oil at an early stage of growth. 

Previous Experiences

Not all beard oils are created equally. If a person has recently changed brands, they might not be applying the correct amount to their facial hair.

Applying too much oil can leave your stubble feeling greasy and heavy, and might cause you to stop using beard oil on your stubble entirely. 

Ensuring you are starting with a minimal amount of oil, and only adding more when it’s necessary, will prevent this from happening.

Making sure that you select a ‘lighter’ product can also ensure you’re getting the best experience from your beard oil. 


The benefits of applying beard oil to your stubble are hard to ignore. If you want your facial hair to be softer, healthier, and more comfortable, I highly recommend applying beard oil as soon as you decide to grow that fuzz. 

Some people don’t believe it’s necessary to apply beard oil to stubble. However, their reasons are personal and don’t outweigh the benefits of using it. 

Whatever you decide is best for you and your beard, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to try it before you make up your mind. Once you see and feel the benefits of beard oil on your stubble, you won’t be able to resist.